San Francisco based Alternative psych rock band Wax Statues just dropped their full length album titled “Exclusive/Reclusive” to the music masses. We recently caught up with Wax Statues’ Cam Gibbons in the midst of the preparations of their album release show on October 19th where we spoke about the significance of the record, the recording sessions and the inspiration of many of the tracks featured on the album.


The album features the well known tracks, “Stranger” and “It Was All A Dream!” plus eight brand new tracks including the delightful “The Traveler”, the intriguing“A Little Time In Country” and the unsettling “I’m A Shadow and “I’m A Shadow Reprise”. The album is a trippy emotive experience from beginning to its abrupt end. Gibbons says the album title describes the person he is; “A lot of the album is about mental health, it’s also an introspection of who I am as a person and I always told people, I am the exclusive, reclusive.” Gibbons describes himself at a hermit, “I don’t make a lot of appearances, I stay home.” The album title rolls effortlessly off the tongue and offers an opportunity to become aware of the juxtaposition of the two. “I like the duality between exclusive being sort of popular, pretty and beautiful and reclusive being like this castaway in the shadow, it’s like how things can be really pretty but at the same time dark.” The album title came effortlessly for Gibbons while he was in the middle of making the album,”I thought, ‘this is what the album will be called’ and it steered to me talking about myself, talking about who we are as people.”

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