Alternative rocker Micky James is ready to take the world by storm with his out of this world undeniable fashion sense and explosive songwriting. We had a chat with the fiery New york Artist a mist of his recent release of a pair of new singles, “Tie Me Up” and “New Heart” where we spoke about his music beginnings, his music inspirations and the songwriting and recording sessions of the brand new tracks. 

SR: What is your story?

MJ: My story goes back about 15 years. I started playing guitar at a very young and started to join bands and perform at the age of 10. I always played the role as a rhythm guitarist until the age of 17, that’s when I started to learn how to sing and eventually fell in love with writing songs. I Fronted a few bands from late teens until now. This latest project which is entitled my name, feels like the most exciting project I’ve taken on yet.

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