Nashville’s Lawrence D’s returns with his latest single titled “Wanna Be”, a relaxed pop track with a sprinkle of R&B seasoning exploring the approachable story of a harmful relationship hitting a dead end. The sleek earworm re-evaluates whether their significant other is committed to the relationship.  “Wanna Be” shows off a new artistic side from Lawrence D as his music remains a unusual mixture of music styles with accessible stories. We recently spoke with Lawrence D about the influence of the pandemic had on his songwriting process, the “Wanna Be” recording sessions and how loving yourself can bring forward healthier relationships.

The covid-19 pandemic impacted the world, shaking up society’s daily life to mayhem, for music artists like Lawrence D,  the pandemic offered a rare opportunity to explore his artistic identity. “Yes it has. During the pandemic I was in my room listening to different types of music that was releasing. I was researching what type of artist I wanted to be and what I wanted to sing. I started to write songs to music that my producer Ian Osborne would produce and we went through different variations until we found the right tone that felt right and best served us. I practiced on the things that I thought I couldn’t do and still learning today. I had a goal and that was to be more than I thought I was.” The Nashville based artist further recalls how his songs are usually made organically; “Well being a creative is an interesting thing. When I go into the studio I have somewhat of an idea of what I want then it just turns into something different. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches because you never know what beauty comes from it. I do challenge myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do and I’ve grown from those experiences.”

The newly released single “Wanna Be” is a laid back pop infused R&B summer track encapsulating a engaging story about a relationship living in a scorching desert of toxicity. Lawrence D’s explains the story behind the new track. “What Inspired “Wanna Be” was to show a certain type of toxicity in a relationship or situation-ship. We have all been in a certain push and pull with someone. They didn’t live up to your expectations and promise of being there, or maybe you were the person who couldn’t hold to your word of commitment. I always try to write my songs where anybody can understand them and make it mostly relatable to anyone. That was mostly the main purpose of “Wanna Be”. “The song did take time to complete”, he further describes the extended song making process, “It took a few months actually to finish this song.  Bella Nop, Ian Osborne, & Corey T. really helped a whole lot with  the writing in this record. Im grateful to have creative friends who don’t mind putting the work. Especially Bella Nop who helped write and vocal arranged ‘Wanna Be”. Im always grateful to call on her in my time of need. She always knows what to do and strikes with precision with her pen.”

The track was meant to be a song collaboration with a fellow artist. “I was sleeping on this song for a while. I needed to find the perfect feature that could give the song the best approach. Thankfully, a good and talented friend of mine by the name of “219am” came in the studio in Nashville and literally wrote his verse so fast and did what needed to be done on the record. He’s a very great artist, and songwriter. I was really thankful that he came through the way he did.”

As the world began to feel the mental health after effects from the global pandemic, Lawrence D went in with a preconceived goal of making a uplifting song as an escape from reality, “To tell you the truth I did. When I’m making music and writing the songs and listening to it over and over I do think about how this can impact the listeners and how it can make them reflect, dance, cry, smile, etc. I want everybody to enjoy all the feels while listening to my music. Music is the great escape from everything. The world needs to heal some type of way and if the sounds of music got us there before it can do it again.” The new song explores the relatable aspects of common relationship problems such as commitment issues, Lawrence D’s reflects on the importance of shining a light on relatable issues in his music. “It’s important to address these issues because its relatable. Everybody falls in love with potential or somebody that falls short of promise. I wanted to write a song that shown that. Its also important to write and make music in the times. I feel that “Wanna Be” does a great job doing that.”

“Wanna Be” has a message of self introspection and reexamines what the standards or boundaries you have set in a relationship, Lawrence D hopes his listeners can reflect on their own relationships and reassess their self worth; “I wanted them to take away a kind of self- reflection. I wanted the listeners to know that sometimes almost is never enough. That sometimes we fall for the people who say one thing and mean another. We get in this thing where potential is disguised as love and lust. We also do this not only in relationships but we do it in our everyday short-term and long- term goals within ourselves“ In order to be in a healthy relationship you have to learn how to love yourself, value yourself, Lawrence offers a slice of useful advice to anyone stuck in a situation similar to what “Wanna Be” describes. “I want them to realize the greatness, potential and promise to yourself. Knowing your self-worth and purpose you have in the world. Love yourself first completely. The right person will find you and add light to your life instead of darkness and confusion. You’re already a gift to this world. Once you realize that power. Nothing can stop you. Stay committed and stay focused and most importantly stay true to your word. “

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Photo Credit: Sean Vito