The wait is finally over as Park Jimin’s first OST has finally dropped online. The BTS vocalist teamed up with longtime friend Ha Sungwoon for “With You” which is featured in the Korean drama Our Blues.

This marks Jimin’s first official commercial solo plus his first song for a drama. Having previously released solo music via the group’s SoundCloud, “With You” marks his first song released outside of BTS. “With You” is a love song expressing the romantic desire to always stay by someone’s side. The song’s sentimental mood is rounded out not only by acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment but also by the Jimin and Ha Sung Woon’s warm vocal tones and angelic harmonizing.

Ahead of ‘With You’’s release, a representative from Nyam Nyam Entertainment – the company in charge of the Our Blues soundtrack – told The Korea Times: “Jimin’s soft vocal tone and Ha’s attractive, engaging tone are weaved together in this song and their harmony made it even more beautiful.”

From the beginning it the end these words are true as the singers vocals interweave effortlessly in the romantic yet soulful song. All but one verse of ‘With You’ is sung in English, with Jimin and Ha Sung Woon swapping lines filled with dedication and love. “I wanna be with you / And I wanna stay with you,” Jimin sings in a low register in the first verse. “Just like the stars shining bright / You’re glowing once more.

The one verse sung in Korean adds more to the texture and longing feeling of the song as they sing “The memories are always in this room called my heart / It is full of our stories / I don’t know when it started either but I want to tell you all my stories.”

Within hours of its release, “With You” has reached 100 no. 1’s worldwide on iTunes music, breaking the 20 hour record previously set by “Dynamite” and becoming the fastest song in history to do so. Meanwhile, BTS are set to release a new album in June. The group announced the new release, which will arrive on June 10, at the end of the final show of their Las Vegas residency earlier this month.

You can now purchase “With You” on Melon, Genie, Apple Music, Amazon music, Tidal and stream it on YouTube Music and Spotify.