“Would you like to play a game..?

Ghostface is back and continuing their reign of horror as they terrorize the citizens of Woodsboro.

It has been 25 years since a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town and a new killer has donned the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past. Who is the killer behind the mask? Who knows all the secrets buried for a quarter of a decade? Who is the likely killer?

As rumors spread and fear takes hold of the town, the citizens of Woodsboro turn to YOU for help in solving the riddle. Where else can you turn for help but the every so trusty internet and TikTok (as we all know how fast and able they are to unveil secret identities and dox evil doers). You can follow @TooBrAshSarah (is she a victim in the making and does that spell STAB in capital letters?) as she pieces together the clues and unearths the secrets that maybe should stay hidden. But who are we to stop from digging into the juicy pasts of our friends and neighbors. Sometimes you can’t trust a new face or maybe sometimes you can’t trust the only survivors from 25 years ago.

Updated January 15, 2022.

Sarah continued her investigations stalking (I mean researching) the TikTok’s of Wes, Sam and Chad. Meanwhile, fans who’ve submitted tips were rewarded with exclusive Woodsboro Horror Film Club hoodies.

@lissa_munster Who do you think the killer is? #savewoodsboro #scream #scream5 @toobrashsarah ♬ Red Right Hand – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

As the investigation continued it put Sarah and Ash in danger. At one point Ash disappeared shortly after receiving a”tip” including video outside his bedroom window.

Fans rallied together once again to decode a mysterious voice message from Sarah’s Google Drive which revealed a warning, leading them to believe they were close to finding Ghostface.

Eventually Ash seemed to return and even invited her to a party but not everything is as it seems:

@toobrashsarah Can’t wait to see Ash! #savewoodsboro #screammovie #ad #paramount ♬ original sound – TooBrAshSarah

Overall, using ARG as a marketing technique was genius on Paramount’s part as they made the Scream fans more involved in the process of finding the clues to unmask Ghostface. Creating characters within the world of Westboro that hey could interact with putting the fans right in the middle of the Scream world. With social media constantly changing and evolving, creating more need of integrative content to engage followers and keep them coming back again and again, the ARG is just the beginning to what other means of marketing can me used within the film industry.

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Paramount Pictures has taken “meta” to the next level as they involve the fans in the mysteries hidden within the Scream franchise and break the fourth wall by bringing them into the world of Woodsboro. Followers of the newly launched TikTok account are fed new tidbits of information and urged to submit tips of sightings to stopthestab@gmail.com, which just happens to contain the name of the horror film filmed within the horror film…see where we’re going with this? Upon submitting a “tip” you are rewarded with an e-mail similar to the one below where you are given further clues and led further down the rabbit hole:

Once you click on the bloody knife image, you are redirected to a Stenography tool with and “encode” and “decode” side. By saving the bloody knife image and uploading it to the decode side, you are rewarded with a link to a secret google drive hosted by Sarah and Ash, our main sleuths leading the search.

The google drive is full of images featuring our most usual and unusual suspects since at this time, everyone could be the killer. You have to click through just to see what is added or what new clues are uncovered.

Join the movement and the conversation to #savewoodsboro. Remember, Clues could be hidden anywhere and your information might help unmask the killer! Will YOU be the first to find a clue that will unmask Ghostface?

@toobrashsarahEmail us! stopthestab@gmail.com ##savewoodsboro ##screammovie ##ad ##paramount♬ original sound – TooBrAshSarah

See what fans are saying about the newly launched TikTok Alternate Reality Game and join the hunt before Scream opens in theaters January 14, 2022.


the fact that the #SCREAM 2022 characters have a yearbook and a whole real life universe of peers on TikTok is just absolutely mind blowing and meta on meta 🤯 the promotion & the lengths of the marketing of this movie continue to amaze me everyday. THANK YOU PARAMOUNT PICTURES. 


Ooooo… “Meta” marketing campaign for #ScreamMovie

Check out TooBrAshSarah! #TikTok


This is brilliant

@ScreamMovies is using TikTok to tell a parallel story set in universe. I can’t wait to see what they do with this!

Photo Courtesy of Paramount Pictures