Los Angeles based pop singer Emily Vaughn takes her listeners on a exhilarating ride with her latest single and accompanying music video for the sticky sweet, “Glove” featuring famed Indonesian pop singer, Afgan. “Glove” is a standout ear worm from her debut album, “Silver Linings” which finds Vaughn exploring the undeniable chemistry with someone new. Vaughn joins forces with Afgan, each bringing in their own unique talents, creating their own fiery music blend of versatile vocal ranges on a ultra catchy song melody.

The striking soundscape swells and builds up steadily, burrowing itself into the back of your mind after listening to it. The track’s story takes place during the final stages of healing a broken heart as Vaughn unexpectedly finds herself drawn into someone new.  The single is an experimental journey of titillating beats, moving vocals and magnetic songwriting.

In the futuristic music video for “Glove”, Vaughn dressed stylish in all black leather outfit with long gloves unmasks the truth and confesses falling in love. Vaughn’s gloves seem to hold some magic manifesting with laser lights. The laser lights are present during the solo scenes featuring Afgan with his motorcycle and engulfing the pair during the scenes where they are together.  The visual offers a genuinely pleasing aesthetic with a moody red-hot color palate throughout the close up shots of Vaughn and Afgan. Vaughn’s continues her tradition of delivering an unexpected ending to her music videos with “Glove”, the video escalates to a unforeseen twist featuring a motorcycle accident with impactful ending scene open for your own interpretation.

The noteworthy strength of Vaughn is her ability to extend herself across a dimension of music genres creating her own in your face pop sound. The blazing track has a euphoric mix of pop beats with a lively dash of trap infused rhythms. “Glove” gives you an unforgettable escape where you get sucked into the radiant melody and vocals. The video matches the optimism of the song’s story thriving on the sizzling on screen chemistry she shares with her video costar Afgan as their journeys intersect with each other with endless possibilities of what the future may hold.

As the end of the year is fast approaching and the world is reversing course, closing down large events, many countries entering another quarantine, it’s difficult to stay in a positive state of mind.  Musicians have been our saving grace, releasing innovative songs and content to keep our spirits high. In the case of Vaughn, she showed us another facet of her artistry as she cleared out the smoke and mirrors of the perceived perfect life of a successful singer-songwriter in her debut album, “Silver Linings” with message of resilience, in the darkest time in your life, you can/will find strength to pick yourself up by learning how to love yourself and the rest will follow. “Glove” eludes to a happy ending we all hope and deserve to get one day.

Watch the music video for “Glove” below:

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Photo courtesy of Emily Vaughn