Critically acclaimed alternative singer-songwriter LP is welcoming spiritual healing on her newest album release titled “Churches”.  The much awaited release of “Churches”gives a dazzling glimpse to the personal transformation LP has undergone under since her last album. 

Known for her uncontainable charismatic stirring vocals and tough as nails artistic persona, LP turns the vulnerable knob valve to the highest temperature smoking up the music landscape with refreshing boldness in her new album. We were lucky enough to catch up with LP ahead of the “Churches” album release where we spoke about writing music during the pandemic world, reinvention, memorable moments during the making of the new album and what to look forward to on her forthcoming 2022’s world tour among other topics.

“Churches” delivers a compelling story of facing past emotional baggage and the subsequent epiphany of the impact said trauma has in the relationships of today. The album takes you on a nostalgic journey of self discovery as LP searches for the sliver lining of better days.  While the pandemic didn’t influence LP’s approach of making music, it did highlight the way she makes it.It hasn’t changed the way I approach making music at all, I mean if anything it just illuminated how I make music. I take in things that are happening and they affect me and I try to shit them out the other side.”

“Churches” paints a vivid mural of colors splashed with sentimental stories about love, loss and hope. LP’s rare gift of creating a variety of emotive songs and reinvention is not an easy thing to do. LP describes how instead of focusing on changing her sound with each song, she thrives to write new stories she has not done before. “I don’t think another good song is ever excessive. That’s all I’m ever trying to do. That’s why I try not to write the same song over and over again. No artist can sometimes help what they areas far as “they sound is they’re sound” but I do try to explore writing a different song every time. I don’t have a blueprint, so I just go with whatever I feel like.” LP says while she doesn’t know if it’s difficult to surprise her audience, she does hope they are intrigued by her music. “I don’t know, I’m not the audience so I don’t know if they’re surprised or not. I have no idea, I mean, I hope they are pleasantly interested—that’s what I go for!”

LP writes music about difficult times and personal struggles, her song process is about confronting her past. “I feel like sometimes things that happen to me, to you, whatever, are like splinters and sometimes they can be deep and then they come up to the surface and I don’t really know when that’s going to happen sometimes. I just let it kinda happen and I’m always trying to excavate my mind to get to what I’m thinking. I don’t know—I don’t really try to do it, I don’t know how to do it—I just do it. I just kind of allow it. It’s like part of the intangible of writing songs that I find so interesting. It’s as mysterious to me as it is to anyone else—why and where something comes out of.”

The “Churches” recording sessions were delightful with many moments that stick with LP, she describes how “Goodbye” was conceived during a trip in Cabo. “I have so many great memories from this record. I was just thinking of one the other day when I was in Cabo with Mike (Del Rio) and Nate (Campany) and it was our first day and by the time we got set up, it was almost sunset. It was just the end of the day, but the sun was high in the sky and it was beautiful and Mike had turned a vocal that I did into that really high wailing intro that sounds almost like a synthesizer. I just remember it was so festive and so fun and I felt like I was on vacation. It almost had like a Hip-Hop vibe at first—it didn’t come out like that, but it was the song “Goodbye” and I just remember feeling so…When people say “Goodbye” is negative, it’s like no, it came from such a positive place. It just felt like the beginning of something, and it was.” The trip ultimately gave birth to other songs on the album. “That trip yielded quite a few songs for the record, but it was very festive at the time, and I had a lot of fun with that.”

One of the standout tracks from the new record is the strong willed “Rainbow”, the multifaceted story of how past battle wounds have bled into a recent past relationship. LP shares why the song was the most difficult to make; “As far as the most difficult song on the record, I think maybe “Rainbow” was one of the hardest because it was sort of a psychological head-fuck for me because it showed me that my last relationship had earmarks, or feelings from childhood that reminded me of my father. The tough aspect of my relationship and the tough aspect of my relationship with my father, there was a tie in with it and coming out and everything, and I was trying to put the duality of all that in this song.” The realization triggered devastating emotions while writing “Rainbow.” “I felt like it hit this part of my emotion, like the child in me gets really sad about arguments or difficulties, and it was really hard for me to write that lyric. I still don’t know if I got it right, to be honest, but it was very difficult. And then I had a hard time singing it because I was too choked up to sing it.”

 “Rainbow” is a liberating track of letting go of the darkness and looking for the silver lining around the corner, it’s the hopeful message needed in the world still facing a global pandemic. LP discusses how important it was for her to embed the light into a really dark story such as “Rainbow.” “Sure, yeah. That is precisely what I was thinking, you are a genius! I feel like even in the darkest of times, I feel some kind of sense of hope, always. I don’t know why I never ever feel like all is lost, really. I have to be really, really down for that. I feel like that song definitely reflects some gleaning from these times we’re in. I mean sometimes I think that song is about my ex, sometimes I think it’s about my father, sometimes I think it’s about trying to come out in difficult situations, like hope to see the rainbow in a difficult time. So, I don’t know. I would guess yes.”

One of the most goosebump inducing tracks from the stylistic song collection is a grand stadium anthem titled “One Last Time”. From the brilliant high falsetto intro to the effortless build up to the glittery sing along chorus bound to be a live favorite in a future LP live show.  When LP made the song, she envisioned what it would be like performing it for a live audience,.“Yeah, for sure, of course. That song, that’s what it’s about. It’s about a group sing-along, and I was almost scared that it would be too much like that, like “Hey, you’re supposed to sing along now”, but I just went with it because it felt good at the time and I hope it feels good to the audience as well.”

Listening to “Churches” from beginning to end, LP showcases confidence and optimism in every note and sound. Her fearless experimentation with many distinctive facets of the music spectrum displays a profound artistry beyond anything we have seen before.  LP hopes the album serves a beacon of light for her listeners as the world continues to deal with darkness. “I think the album as a whole is one of my favorites, as far as a whole album. I even feel like it’s almost more impactful as an album than any of the singles alone. I just hope that it feels good and it feels like an album that they could put on with whatever they’re doing. I like that it’s an album that’s coming out after a difficult time so that maybe it can be something that reminds them of when the sun started to shine a bit more. But I don’t know what they’re going to do or think, but I hope they like it.”

As we concluded our interview with the innovative artist, I asked LP what can we expect for her forthcoming world tour in 2022 and what songs is she most excited to perform live. “I think I’m just excited to perform the whole body of work, together. It feels really good so far. We haven’t learned all the songs, but the rehearsals that we have had where we’ve played a shit-ton of new stuff, it felt great. It’s wild when you leave behind another album of work and then you just do pieces of the past albums. It’s like a “days-gone-by” or whatever, but I think I feel ready to embark on a new journey with people, and for it to be the start of the new chapter in my life and in my work and the lives of the fans.”

Listen to the “Churches” album below:

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Photo Credit: Ryan Jay