Los Angeles based songstress Elise travels to a candy wonderland with new single,”Sweet Love”. The sugarcoated track gives a new flowery perspective to being madly in love with someone. “Sweet Love” feels like a warm embrace while having a cup of hot cocoa with extra Marshmallows on a snowy day. 

Elise’s brand of groovy pop oozes optimism and playfulness hard to find in the current trends of the music world. We were lucky enough to chat with the innovative artist about her songwriting process, the inspiration behind “Sweet Love” and making lighthearted music in the mist of the pandemic.

Elise is no stranger to being in the spotlight in addition to being an singer-songwriter-producer, she has dabbled in acting and finance, She describes herself as “a singer, turned financier, turned back to my first love (songwriter/producer/session vocalist).  With a thread of life-long acting throughout. :)” Her music is an interesting blend of ambient pop and r&b with a pinch of soft charisma. “My style is a chill-pop and contemporary R&B crossover.” The songwriting is a unique process of recorded melodies and song ideas. Elise explains how her music making process changes each time; “It changes quite a bit!  I haven’t found a “right” or “wrong” way to create or write.  I suppose I most often build off of a small portion of a melody or lyric idea that I randomly recorded into my phone at whatever point it popped into my head (which always seems to happen in the most public places).  I’ve recently enjoyed messing around with bits of samples, building new ideas from them musically, and then removing the sample and continuing to build the song out into whatever it’s meant to be.  Using samples as a tool for inspiration, and then removing them so as to not use them a crutch is a great flow I’ve found- especially when your mind (like mine) tends to want to go everywhere at once!”


“Sweet Love” is a creative writers dream, with plenty of realistic descriptions and bubbly metaphors. She wanted to write something distinct and spunky when working on the track. “I really wanted to write something playful and lighthearted.  Related, I wanted to work through the idea of writing an entire song which was a metaphor from beginning to end, with as many literary devices wrapped up in it as could fit.” The perky track shines a spotlight on being in the honeymoon stage in a relationship, the inspiration for the song began with writing on a different song, Elise recalls, “actually working on topline of a different song, and was really hitting a lyric wall on that one- everything I wrote felt stale.  And who likes stale?  So I left the studio and went on a walk (sunshine, walking and running are some of the most direct recharge factors for me).  Like for many of us, getting outside and going on walks whenever possible really helped me through the pandemic lockdown.”

“I loved the reminder that the natural world was still moving forward.  As I was looking around and admiring this beauty around me on this walk in particular, I started imagining this wonderland where everything I was seeing was made of candy and sweets- and the lyrics just sort of started to flood out.  I thought ‘THIS is what I’m supposed to be working on today- something light and fun that brings me joy!’ a world without negatives- just sweet, sugary goodness!”

Elise hopes that her listeners will find an escape to a land of positivity with her music. “I truly just want it to make people feel good.  If it can lift someone’s spirit a little bit higher than it was when they turned my music on, then I’ve done what I set out to do.  This song especially- I want the witty little lyrics to make people smile- simple as that!”

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Photo Courtesy of Magic Tree PR