Alternative singer-songwriter, producer Austin Harms opens the door wide open exploring his hard to swallow trauma with his newest single, “depression”.  The over 6 minute track is the first taste of his forthcoming new EP due out next year. 

Harms is known to dive into the dark waters of his inner psyche, digging into its depths and pulling out the devastating decaying thoughts caused by depression. The new single continues the path to turbulent waters as a hopeful sail boat is filled up on one side by the enormous waves of darkness. The innovative producer shines on the track’s cinematic soundscape with a heartbreaking harmony of his many voices, conveying the struggle of the never-ending current of memories overtaking him.

Harms spills out every hidden secret; desperation creeps into his anguished voice as he dismantles the facade he shows the world.  “depression” spills out compassion and relatability, as Harms searches for the empathy and support he longs for yet failing to get it each time.  As the song ascends to the middle section, the sonic atmosphere becomes increasingly gloomy and unreserved as Harms tears at your heart strings causing an unexpected explosion of emotions. Harms has a special approach to songwriting where every vocal note conveys an unsettling pain that most society runs away from, he faces the cruel realities made up in his mind head on, leading by example and making it okay for others to own their feelings.

Conversations about mental health are necessary in a time where the world seems to have rose colored glasses on, avoiding the sizable damage the pandemic has triggered emotionally. Harms speaks on his own struggles of grief as the quest for stability gave way to him seeking help and seeing a therapist. Harms describes the challenging process adjusting to his new life reality via a press release, “After starting to see a therapist in 2019, one of my worries was that I wouldn’t have the urge to write songs anymore because that had traditionally (and unfortunately) been my only outlet for processing some tough shit in my life. That proved itself to be untrue, and as I embarked on that journey I uncovered a lot of pain that I had bottled up, and things got much worse before they got better.

I wrote the EP through that process, and this was the first song that I wrote following a long creative block. I chipped away at it slowly and over a long period of time. I was going through the process of digging up trauma from my past and facing it head on, learning how to cry and express it in a healthy way for the first time. Needless to say, it was a dark time. Healing is not always pretty. This song came from all of that, and I knew it had to be the intro to something bigger.”

The accompanying music video for “depression” is impactful as it is picturesque, Harms is surrounded by the natural beauty of the beach with the sunsetting into vivid hues in the dusky sky as he recollects the poisonous thoughts haunting his mind. In one scene, Harms is seen picking up a retro cassette player from the ground in between dried out plants and begins listening to the music with headphones as the song reaches it’s highest affecting peak. The scene itself is symbolic, exposing the healing process of digging deep into yourself and spilling out the poison to leave room for growth and peace.

The new chapter of “depression” reveals the light at the end of the spiky, shadowy tunnel, the lifeboat that will come rescue the sailboat of optimism from sinking to the bottom of the pitch dark ocean in it’s last hour. The redemptive story of Harms breaking free from the iron clad shackles and battling the inner demons that chipped away rapidly at his inner peace is honorable and commendable. The track will not only leave you self examining your own inner struggles but will also give you a gentle push to consider taking on the untraveled life quest of facing your own struggles and shadows.

Watch the music video for “depression” below:

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Photo Credit: Jonny Villegas