Los Angeles based pop singer songwriter Emily Vaughn breaks the smoking mirrors into a million pieces with her debut album “Silver Linings” showcasing her true self with zero regrets.

Vaughn is an accomplished storyteller with equal parts sass and bravery. Throughout her vibrant discography, Vaughn has always been an avid advocate of self love and self liberation and “Silver Linings” is no different. Earlier this year, Vaughn surprised her fans with the ultra spicy “Daddy”, the first offering of her first full length album followed up by the hypnotic “Ryder” featuring Lil Xan, the charismatic “Chaos” and entrancing “Boomerang” singles.  Each single giving her audience a new exciting taste of what Vaughn’s  album was all about.

“Silver Linings” is a sparkling pop music blend of Vaughn’s kaleidoscopic journey of falling in love, the aftermath of a broken heart and self reflection.  The 14 song collection tells a honest story of the ups and downs of healing from a heartbreaking breakup. Vaughn’s shakes up the pop world to it’s core with the help of her impressive album collaborators, Lil Xan, Joseph Tilley, Transviolet, Bronze Avery and International famed artist Afgan, stepping confidently into a fresh take on experimental pop not seen before.

The album begins with album title track “Silver Linings”, a dreamy mostly instrumental track with angelic harmonies as it effortlessly ascends to the nostalgic “Everything’s Alright”.  The stylish pop song recalls the past happy moments of a relationship, remembering the fuzzy warm moments of falling in love. One of the heartfelt moments on the album is the track, “Fix You”, the intro contains various snippets of a voice message from Vaughn’s grandmother offering insightful advice while Vaughn in the midst of going through a rough patch.  The tongue in cheek word play Vaughn’s best known for gets the hips shaking, heads bopping music treatment in the middle section of the album, the steamy pop anthems ”Boomerang”, “Daddy” showcases contagious confidence energy.

“Silver Linings” is a compelling voyage meant to provoke self examination such on the slinky ear worm, “Chaos”, diving into the messy parts of one self that will challenge a relationship. Vaughn has a rare talent inspiring her listeners to wear their flashiest outfit and boots in their closet and dance like nobody is watching like on her tracks, the Joseph Tilley featured, “Selfish” and Transviolet assisted club banger“Harder Than Ever”.  The vivacious,”Harder Than Ever” gets in your face immediately with the opening line “Peace out. Kiss my ass, Miss me harder than ever…” The enormous ball of fire music production and daring vocals rips into a toxic ex pointing out how their biggest regret will be witness Vaughn moving on and living her best life. Vaughn delivers a larger than life post breakup anthem that will be undoubtedly playing on your phones all day and night.

The latter part of the album showcases Vaughn’s unmerciful soft hearted side exposing her hidden battle wounds beginning to heal over. “Atlar” is a beautifully written song highlighting the gentle notes of Vaughn’s ethereal vocal range.  On the next track, “Love Me Later” featuring Bronze Avery flexes Vaughn’s melodic rapping abilities as she admits to a new lover that she is not ready to fall in love just yet. As the album concludes the silver linings of this era becomes abundantly clear, “Glove” marks a brand new beginnings for Vaughn as the final track “Healthy” uncovers the lessons of the darkest tragedies in life can teach you about the greatest love of all, yourself.  Vaughn’s album is suspenseful, fiery, devastating, a thrilling ride that will make your chaotic emotions feel validated without judgment. In a time where many people in society are suffering from PTSD and mental health issues, Vaughn’s empowering pop music is much needed to escape and embrace yourself with strong girl boss energy.

Listen to “Silver Linings” below:

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Photo credit: Justin Gilbert