The Baby-Sitters Club is back in business! The feel-good series based on Ann M. Martin’s beloved novels returns for its second season on Monday, Oct. 11, and things have changed in Stoneybrook since we last visited.

As summer winds down and the girls enter eighth grade, the club welcomes two members who will be familiar to fans of Martin’s books. Vivian Watson portrays new baby-sitter Mallory Pike while Anais Lee takes on the role of Jessi Ramsey, who is trying to balance her dreams of being a ballerina with her baby-sitting duties. According to series creator and executive producer Rachel Shukert, the new season will see a maturation of the girls as they continue to grow as individuals while taking on more responsibility.

“They’re all a year older and have more experience running a business, deeper friendships, and are growing into a deeper understanding of themselves as people,” Shukert says. “[This season] we also wanted to continue exploring themes that allow young viewers to see themselves represented on screen, while also dealing obliquely with many of the things we’ve all been through in the past year: loss, change, responsibility, and trying to find joy and meaning in unexpected places.”

Some of the changes in the girls’ lives are the result of their parents, whose own relationships continue to evolve in Season 2. One of the biggest storylines revolves around Mary Anne’s father, Richard (Marc Evan Jackson), and Dawn’s mother, Sharon (Jessica Elaina Eason), moving in together, a decision that affects the girls in different ways. But Richard and Sharon are not the only parents making potentially life-changing decisions this season. Kristy’s mom, Elizabeth (Alicia Silverstone), is considering some major changes of her own after marrying Watson (Mark Feuerstein) in Season 1. 

“This season we get to follow Elizabeth’s journey now that she’s married to Watson, as their families blend and adapt to change,” says Silverstone of her character’s upcoming arc. “She also faces some big personal decisions — and even leans on Kristy for support of her own — as she asks herself… What would it be like to have another baby? To experience bringing more life and love into the world with the right man?” 

Through it all, Elizabeth continues to be a rock for Kristy and her brothers. “As she navigates the unknown, there’s one thing she — and fans — know for sure, and it’s that this mother/daughter duo can get through any and all of life’s challenges with one another by their sides,” Silverstone says.

Of course, Elizabeth can’t be by Kristy’s side all the time, as evidenced in this exclusive clip from Season 2, which finds the girls attending a swanky gala alongside Elizabeth, Watson, and Richard. While the younger generation heads off on a mission of their own, the adults are determined to prove they’re still young and cool themselves. Check out what happens in the clip below and be sure to tune in to see what else happens when The Baby-Sitters Club returns.