“I’ve had dreams that weren’t just dreams. Am I crazy?” So begins the first trailer for The Matrix Reincarnations. The first look at the fourth installment of the series begins with our hero, Neo, sitting in his therapist’s office and recounting strange memories. “We don’t use that word in here,” his therapist, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris, responds.

A few moments later we learn that Neo seems to be back in the matrix with no recollection of his past. Scored to Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit,” the trailer is jam packed with action sequences as we see Neo stop using the blue pills and following a character who looks a lot like a younger version of Morpheus. “If you want the truth, Neo, you’re going to have to follow me,” says a new character before leading our hero through a door and into reality.

We once again hear Abdul-Mateen II’s voice, as he tells Thomas, “The only thing that matters to you is still here.” At this point, we see Thomas and Trinity holding hands. Interestingly, we see Matrix code appear over Trinity’s face, but there’s no telling what that means.

“I know it’s why you’re still fighting, ” Abdul-Mateen II tells him. “And why you’ll never give up.”

It’s interesting to see a you get version of Oracle played by Priyanka Chopra, and she certainly looks like the Oracle, a wise character who helped guide Neo on his journey to understanding the Matrix. If Abdul-Mateen II is playing a younger version of Morpheus, somehow, it is certainly possible we’d also see a younger Oracle.

We also see a quick glimpse of Trinity in the real world, her body hooked up to the machines. However, that cuts to several shots of her showing off just how good a fighter she is in the Matrix. She also unleashes a scream that seems to separate her into multiple versions of herself–assumedly making the shriek even more powerful.

As a final surprise, Jonathan Groff gets the final shot of the trailer, as his character says, “After all these years, to be going back to where it all started. Back to the Matrix!” We can’t wait to see where this new chapter leads to.

“The Matrix: Resurrections” hits theaters and HBO Max on December 22. Watch the trailer below: