Singer-Songwriter Devin Kennedy spins heads with his latest single, “Silence”. The track is a sparkling ocean of ultra baring vocal ranges and heart flipping outside the box soundscape oozing the savoury melting pot of contrasting emotions of serenity and anxiousness.

Kennedy’s songwriting abilities transforms “Silence” into a tropical vacation surrounded by vulnerability. We were able to chat with Kennedy ahead of the release of “Silence” to talk about his songwriting and artistic evolution, the importance of communication in any relationship and the “Silence” recording session. 

The world is on the path of returning to pre pandemic life where human connections are welcomed however many people are suffering with anxiety and post traumatic disorder. Uplifting music is the perfect remedy to alleve the symptoms. Music artists have gone through changes in their music making process during the quarantine. Kennedy describes how the newly extra time made him focused on his music. “Absolutely. Quarantine forced me to work on a lot of music alone, or on zoom with close collaborators. For me the biggest adjustment was knowing when to stop working for the day. With fewer sessions and scheduled co-writes, I found that it was easy for me to stay inside all day and just work on music…which sounds great in theory but really just burns you out after a certain period of time.”

Kennedy’s discography highlights various peculiar artistic sides and creating unforeseen melodic combos not yet made by anyone in the music industry, “I’ve always approached making music for my project by trying to combine influences or sounds that generally wouldn’t fall into a song together.” Kennedy further explains how “Silence” was made by pure spontaneous experimentation; “An example in “Silence” would be the use of ukuleles in the verses and 808/bass under them. So it does happen organically, but honestly, I think the truth is that I don’t really know what I’m doing….I’m just making music that I like because that’s what I’ve always done.” What sets Kennedy apart from his music counter parts is his “mission to challenge himself by exploring new music paths.” While it might be easier to recycle song ideas, he enjoys his constant music reinvention. “I never want to do the same thing twice…and yes that can be difficult when writing new stuff. It would be so easy to say “wow they really liked that last single. I should make another one of those”…but where’s the fun in that? I already did that. I try to stay focused on the next thing.”

One of the interesting bits of “Silence” is the first conception was during pre-pandemic times but fully completed earlier this year, Kennedy recalls the making of the track. “My co-producer Lukas Costas played me a demo of “Silence” almost two years ago. We decided to revisit it earlier this year and try to re-write/re-produce it into something that felt like it could fit my project. Sometimes songs just click, and that was the case with “Silence”. The re-writes and changes to the production happened over a few days. The upbeat summer energy of the song was fully intentional and evident in the romantic vocal performance, “When I started working on the song I definitely wanted to give it some energy, and I think that comes across especially in the choruses. It feels like an upbeat summer track to me.”

The new track explores the relatable aspects of miscommunication in relationships, bringing awareness to the importance of honest communication in a world where the lack of communication and ghosting is deemed acceptable in this day and age. “I think it’s very important to highlight that. Communicating, in general, is difficult. I don’t know if I have all the answers, but I know that being open and honest about how you’re feeling will always turn you in the right direction.” Kennedy offers valuable advice to any of his listeners living through a similar situation as the song’s story, “Talk it out. Always talk it out. I’ve kept things bottled up before and it never ends well. I feel the best way to communicate is to say how you’re feeling, as soon as possible.”

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Photo Credit: Alexander Bemis