Indie Pop Rockers Smallpools deliver a ultra catchy summer song and accompanying reflective music video for “Life of the Party”.  The track is the latest offering from the Nashville/ LA based band’s highly anticipated forthcoming sophomore album due out in this fall. 

Smallpools are known to make pop infused rock earworms that quickly slides into your eardrums, invading all your senses while you dance to the beat and “Life of the Party” is no different. The refreshing quality of their bold variations of music genre blending experimentation found in their music is breathtaking.

The song has unstable quality embedded in the sonic atmosphere and bare vocal performance, a direct result from the unprecedented period of time they made “Life of the Party.” “We started working on this song in an apartment that I was renting in East Nashville just a day or so after the tornado struck and a few days before the country entered into COVID lock down. Our friend, Dave, came by to write with us and I just remember feeling some serious eeriness around what was happening outside of the walls of the apartment. I built a quick little loop in Logic that I felt was representative of the uneasiness we were all feeling and the song pretty much wrote itself,” said Smallpools’ Mike Kamerman regarding the making of “Life of the Party” via email.

“Life of the Party” has an consistent indie rock anthemic soundscape pulling their listeners in at the first seconds, as the story unfolds, the song becomes exceedingly addictive. The suspenseful music video takes the band to a unrevealed level of open end interpretation storytelling. The video concept is playful as it discomforting, the scene involving baseball bats and oranges is oddly satisfying and stress relieving. The band’s unusual artistic approach of expressing the elaborate feelings of the song’s story on film is highly fascinating.

The new track will surely be added on all the future sweaty outdoor party playlists and serve as a must have soundtrack for a summer evening drive as the red orange color palate paints the blue sky as the sun sets.  “Life of the Party” kicks off another brilliant transformation for the acclaimed trio leaving their listeners with curiosity of what the new chapter will offer. 

As Smallpools embark on their first nationwide US tour since the global pandemic began, there is no doubt that the band will continue to create unexpected pop melodies and raw stories that will enamored old and new fans alike.

Watch the music video for “Life of the Party” below:

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Photo Credit: Chantal Reeder