Music Genre defying Artist Elliot Lee is ready to pull the rug under your feet, shaking up your ordinary, safe music routine as you fall into a visionary wonderland full of unparalleled sonic mazes and haunted stories with the release of her latest singles, “Rubies” and “Drama Queen” from her forthcoming EP, “Queen of Nothing”. 

The multi faceted artist creates jaw dropping dark pop music experiments on every track, serving an electronic hearty soup of heavy metal rock riffs, avant-garde stylish vocals and healthy serving of in your face attitude.  Both singles are hypnotic with a strong vocal performance highlighting her shape shifting range, complementing the thumping futuristic soundscapes.

The power of a Elliot Lee song lies its sonic fearlessness, saturated with whimsical edginess lingering on your mind for hours on end. The self proclaimed misfit is intent on being a voice of the voiceless with songs speaking about the hidden dark sides of our psyches.  Lee’s vivid lyrical abilities paints songs with introspection and rare authenticity not commonly found in well known artists in the music sphere. We were lucky enough to have a quick chat with Lee sometime ago during the promotion of “Rubies” where we discussed her artistic sound, her inspiration behind “Rubies” and much more.

SR: Your music shatters genre norms, what influenced your artistic sound?

EL: As someone who tends to feel strong emotions in everything I do, I find a lot of inspiration in little moments. Sometimes I’m inspired by something someone says to me, sometimes it’s the expressions on people’s faces on the subway, sometimes it’s a chain hanging off someone’s backpack. I find that my musical influence comes mostly from the way I pick my life experiences apart. 

SR: What inspired your new song “Rubies”? Did the global pandemic have any influence on the making of the song?

EL: I actually wrote the song before the pandemic. I wanted to portray the feeling of looking back at something that ended—maybe a relationship, or a period in your life, etc—and realizing that you only have material objects (like a photograph or a friendship bracelet) to prove that it even happened. The song is about being terrified to lose these pieces of proof, but in an unhealthy way—hoarding negative memories and pushing away everyone you love in the process. It’s also the final installment in the five part story that my EP is going to tell. 

SR: What was your experience filming the “Rubies” video like?

EL: I walked onto set in the pouring rain and the director led me to a huge cave in the back. We pretty much just went crazy in this cave, and I screamed so much for the video that I lost my voice. It was such a unique and fun experience. I think chaos often leads to awesome art. 

SR: Does your music serve as a therapeutic outlet for you?

EL: My music is pretty much my only outlet in my life. I try to be open with people about my experiences and emotions, but I’ve found that honesty often closes doors. Doors can’t always drown out music though, so music acts as my messenger. 

SR: How important is it for you to make music that normalizes speaking on vulnerable topics that most people don’t speak about?

EL: I’ve always been a misfit, and I’ve gone through a lot of huge struggles in my life. When I look at the path my life has taken, and when I look at the people who are using my music to find direction themselves, I just feel like talking about these things is my purpose. I cant really explain what that means or why I feel it, it’s just like an imperative that exists in my life. 

SR: What do you hope your listeners take away from your song and video?

EL: I hope people feel moved by the song in a way my previous songs haven’t been able to do. This is always how I feel when releasing new music. I fear that one day I’ll release a song and it won’t move people anymore, or that it’s received as “just another Elliot Lee song”. I also want to know what emotions people feel for the character portrayed in the video; do you feel pity for someone who lost everything? Do you feel frustrated at their unhealthy attachment to material objects? Do you see yourself in them? 

SR: What is next for you?

EL: I have a single coming out that will tell the story of Rubies’s prequel, and my EP is coming out this summer! 

Watch her video for “Rubies” below:

Listen to “Drama Queen” here

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Photo Credit: Mike Mazza