Los Angeles transplant, Mimoza, is a force to be reckoned with. Armed with an excellent critical acclaimed songwriting career under her belt and ascending career as pop, Mimoza is bound to reach the pop heights worldwide. The refreshing quality of Mimoza is the bold blending experimentations of music genres found in her songs, each diverse from one another, yet all containing a engaging story.

Her latest song titled “Young Queen” is a touching homage to her native country, Kosovo and an emotive tribute to her mother in addition to her Albanian roots. The pop record showcases a sincere vulnerability dripping in pure gratitude towards all moms who raise their daughters like “Young Queens”.

We had the wonderful opportunity to chat with the fabulous singer-songwriter to discuss all things “Young Queen”, from the song’s inspiration to the track’s music video shoot to the positive message embedded in the song.

From the first listen, “Young Queen” induces a cozy warm feeling spreading   from your ears to your chest, the story wraps it’s invisible arms around you giving you a strong embrace filled with empowerment.  The song dives into shimmering pop waters, setting up a effective element of surprise for listeners who have followed the artist since her first music releases. Mimoza’s melancholy driven vocals captivates the listeners welcoming continuous playing of the song. Mimoza shares that the inspiration for the song was life: “My life and my humble beginnings inspired me to open up & to be vulnerable about my story.”

“Young Queen” is an uplifting celebration of Mimoza’s heritage, women and family, a perfect antidote for anyone struggling during the global pandemic.  Mimoza hopes the song serves as a slice of positivity and gratitude about one’s ancestral roots, “Yes, I wanted to uplift people, give them pride and happiness when hearing Young Queen. Of course, I can only tell my story and sing about it but I wanted people to think about their lives and apply their story. I really want my music to touch people.”

Women are often underestimated and under appreciated,. “Young Queen” delivers the importance of self love, Mimoza describes how her own music is an therapeutic outlet for herself. “It was very important because I needed that reminder. I like to write songs that I need to hear. It’s so therapeutic to write songs that truly fulfill me, truly mean something and that songs I’ll be forever proud of, Young Queen is definitely one of them.” Mimoza further explains what the song means to her, “I knew I wanted Young Queen to be a mix of my heritage, my mom, female empowerment, unapologetic pride & self love. To me, it represents all of these things and that makes me so proud.”

The music video for “Young Queen” contains a cinematic landscape, vivid colors and bright aura jumping out of the scenes. The music visual was shot in her native country, wearing her traditional clothing, Mimoza celebrates her heritage all through the video. The music video was not an easy one to shoot, Mimoza pulled out all the tricks from her sleeve to make a grand video with a tight budget. “The video shoot was a long process. I am such a perfectionist and I know that I’m a new artist. As a new artist, you don’t really get a big budget for videos, but my standard is so high that I couldn’t half ass something. I’ve never been that way.” Mimoza would ended up shooting the music video a second time using her own money. “So I shot it twice, in Kosovo and also invested my own money. Going the extra mile has always been so rewarding to me. At the end of the day, I really care about my results. If the result is great, I’m happy. And if not, I’ll keep working & perfecting something until I’m happy.”

The video shoot gave Mimoza a lot of unforgettable moments as she shot in various places in Kosovo, she recalls the memorable video experience. “Oh, there were so many. Being in the Albanian alps wearing the traditional clothes was so beautiful. Finding old buildings & shooting in front of them was so special as it reminded me of my grandparents’ home, having my fav designer customize dresses for me is something I won’t forget, and just overall the experience of shooting it in Kosovo with my people and doing my tribute to my motherland was truly so fulfilling. It turned out exactly how I envisioned it.”

At the heart of “Young Queen” is a heartfelt message of being proud of your own story and who you are today. Mimoza hopes the song inspires her fans embrace their own true selves. “I hope they see the love I have for my story, my heritage and myself and hope that YQ can give them the same pride & love about their story, their heritage and themselves. I want them to feel prideful in who they are and I want them to truly love themselves. There’s no need to compare ourselves to others because we’re all different. That makes us beautiful, unique and powerful. We’re all kings & queens.”

Watch the music video for “Young Queen” below:

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Photo Courtesy of Mora May Agency