Alternative artist Aaron Taos takes a silky  nostalgic trip with his newly release music video for “Ain’t Over You”.  The mature pop track featuring artist Hadji Gaviota is the first offering of an forthcoming new project from Taos. The introspective track and video highlight the indisputable natural charm of Taos’ performance.

The track shows off Taos’ softer side as he goes through the notions of getting over a break up. The song rips you apart with the transparent tenderness commonly found on yesterdays greatest pop/blues love ballads. Taos’ magnetic tongue in cheek lyrics about laying down in produce section in Whole Foods paints a clear vivid picture of the uncontainable yearning for the ex lover in the song.

The accompanying music video for “Ain’t Over You” starts off with sharp looking, blue suited Taos walking down the street, smoking as he heads to visit his therapist. Once inside, Gaviota makes a amusing appearance as his therapist listening to Taos discussing his struggles of getting over the past relationship. The video has dream like sequences where Taos is standing with a retro mic stand singing about lingering feelings about the failed relationship.

The song has a vintage ethereal pop/rock sound with a fresh twist soaked in romance. Taos is best known for making witty music videos  providing a consistent balance of reality and a fantasy world to his introspective songwriting.  “Ain’t Over You” has a stylish visual aesthetic, relatable in all the situations you see played out throughout the video. The cinematic video nonchalantly normalizes a person visiting his therapist when the tortuous emotions become too much to bear alone.

One of the memorable parts of the song in addition to the video is where Taos’ seasoned guitar playing has a moment to shine. The video has many amusing scenes such as when Gaviota jolts Taos awake from his starry-eyed daydreams and forces Taos to see the cold truth of the situation. The story unfolds with a scene involving pills and the return to the mushy, serenade scenes with Gaviota joining Taos crooning and harmonizing the chorus together.

As Taos’ rose colored glasses begins to fall, the video scenes become fuzzy and unfocused, bringing an unsettling feeling impacting Taos strongly as he rushes out his therapist’s office. The music video concludes with a cliffhanger ending where he runs away in a daze heading back in the direction he started in, leaving his fans desperate to find out what happens next.

Watch the music video for “Ain’t Over You” ft. Hadji Gaviota below:

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Photo Credit Pierce Pyrzenski