BTS just released the remix and music video of ‘Butter’ at 1 pm (KST) on May 28th. This is a ‘Hotter’ version that reinterprets the original song as a house-based electro dance music, and presents a strange charm that is different from the original song with a bright and exciting atmosphere.

To gear up for the release, they posted teaser photos for the ‘Butter’ remix on their socials the morning of. They showcase the individuality of the members with a different concept and composition from the first and second teaser photos released earlier. The seven members are presented in colorful stage costumes, radiating different charms with different poses and expressions.

It’s only been one week since the release of the new single but it’s been breaking records left and right. At the time of its release, the music video of ‘Butter’ surpassed 3.9 million concurrent users, setting a new record for the highest YouTube premiere music video viewing ever, and 108 million views within 24 hours of its release, making it the most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours recorded Both records were recently listed in the UK Guinness World Records.

Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming company, recorded a total of 20.9 million global streams on the first day of its release, writing a new history of ‘the highest number of global streams per day in Spotify history’.”Butter” also made history in US radio as it was broadcast on all 180 radio stations in the United States in the TOP 40 format covering the most popular pop songs. BTS is the first foreign artist to achieve such a result with a new song.

Continuing their promotional schedule, BTS will be kicking off GMA’s Summer Concert Series on Friday, March 28th with their third live performance of “Butter.” Check out the MV for the hotter “Butter” remix below!

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