Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Emily Vaughn takes her listeners on a thrilling ride to her own mystical pop world with latest single and accompanying music video for “Daddy”. The track is the first taste of Vaughn’s forthcoming debut album, Vaughn is best known for releasing sizzling feminist anthems must haves on any party playlist and her new track,

“Daddy” is no exception. Vaughn sets out on a new spicy quest, expressing her overachieving expectations during a steamy situation on a impressive multifaceted soundscape.  “Daddy” is playful as it is wildly assertive with confident melodic rapping and sultry high range vocals as Vaughn lays out her demands candidly of what a lover should be able to do. The song celebrates the power of sexual liberation and the capable performer up for the task.

The provocative pop track turns up the temperature with Vaughn’s delicate vocals on the intense pop track pulling you into the out of this world experience. Enthralling in it’s dreamy, beat heavy celebration, “Daddy” also showcases Vaughn’s charismatic songwriting abilities on how to write a sticky-smooth pop earworm with unattainable sex appeal. The song provides the soundtrack for a sweaty night inside, in a time where society is ready to express themselves intimately. A fantastic hidden fact is when you set the track on repeat, the ending synchronizes without a hitch to the beginning of the track, producing a natural continuous play of a vivid music atmosphere of sexual tension and hypnotic beats.

The music video which released the same day as the single, gives you a taste on what Vaughn’s extraterrestrial adventure would entail. Her video character stars as a alien exploding in heightened girl boss energy as she is examined by the male doctors/scientists in a spaceship. The exciting twist is Vaughn’s alien character seduces, distracts, abducts and eventually turns them into aliens. The video performance straddles the middle ground between sexy and humorous leaving your phone screen fogged up with charming eye popping visuals and a surprising video ending.

Vaughn’s openness to explore her artistic range is inspiring, challenging the music industry standards of what a successful female artist is expected to be. The pop singer continues to create bold music that inspires anyone to break away from the chains of society preconceived notion how they are expected to be like. Vaughn has carved her own sparkling signature of pop encouraging self love and self expression resonating with those needing a push to celebrate themselves and their desires.

Check out her irresistible music video for “Daddy” below:

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Photo Courtesy of Emily Vaughn