It’s that time of the year for BT’s and ARMY. Comeback season is upon us and the release of their second full english track, “Butter” shows that the septet is ready to reclaim that #1 spot on the Billboard charts. After a month long full of teaser videos, clips, concept photos and an hour long video of an animated stick of butter, these artists have returned with another dance inducing track that is bound to sizzle the air waves. 

At precisely 12PM (9PM PST, 1 AM KST) the MV for the highly anticipated english follow up to “Dynamite” was revealed to the masses. After hosting a 15 minute countdown on their official Youtube channel, where the members were seen cooking with…. butter (how cheeky of them), the video rolled out to the 3.9 million viewers. The video immediately broke Youtube records by reaching 1 million likes 40 minutes BEFORE it even premiered. Concurrently, it also became the fastest MV in YouTube history to reach 20 million views, doing so in 54 minutes and dethroning “Dynamite.”

The song and MV have so much going on that it’s hard to even chose where to begin. Where do you look? All seven men look equally visually stunning but also sound amazing as they sing their parts. Smooth like butter. In classic BTS style, the must have choreography is ever present but this time we are also treated with the rap line (Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi) do their signature raps. You can be assured part of this is credited to Namjoon (stage name RM) as he is amongst the writing credits this time around. The video is packed with fun tie ins to the lyrics as well as musical references (“don’t need no Usher to remind you you got it bad”)

In their recent Rolling Stone interview RM was quoted as saying the song being “very energetic and very summery. It has a very dynamic performance,” and he did not lie. The beat makes you want to immediately bop your head , shimmy your shoulders and get up off your seat to “side step right left to [the] beat.” To continue on what is already a successful comeback to a possible new album, BTS will be premiering the song oat the Billboard Music Awards Sunday, May 23rd where they are nominated in 4 categories (two of which are for “Dynamite”). Continuing with their tradition of world premiering new songs in US based awards shows. No small feat for a non western artist to accomplish. Their announced schedule of appearances so far also include The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on May 25th,  the Friends Reunion Special on HBO Max on the 27th and kicking off the GMA Summer Concert Series Friday, May 28th. Not to mention their celebrity meal collaboration with McDonalds begins on May 26th with the first commercial dropping any day now.

With all of this promo, it would be a surprise (not really considering the xenophobia within the US market) if “Butter” does not dominate the air waves and gets BTS their 4th #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Take a look at the MV for “Butter” below and purchase it or stream on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora and YouTube Music.