Mexican American Indie pop artist Alma Grace dives into the infinite vibrant colors of the legendary Mexican painter and feminist Frida Kahlo’s life examining how the colors are reflected in Grace’s own self portrait on her riveting debut EP titled “Frida”.  Grace is a seasoned shape shifter from working as a actress in movies, TV and in theater to being an avid activist for human rights, working side by side with US senate pushing for humane immigration legislation, Grace takes on the music world with her empowering homage to Kahlo, her ancestral roots, sexuality and trauma among many other topics.

At first listen, Grace pulls you in with versatile vocals, effortless switching from delicate to sultry to heartfelt in the span of mere seconds.  Her Spanglish lyrics add a layer of sentimentality to the song, specially in her memorable guitar laced track “Aventura”.  “Aventura” is a red-hot track about having love affairs filled with a fiery atmosphere that steams up your ears with each listen. The unmerciful energy of Kahlo is felt in every track, the famed Mexican painter was open about her sexuality and her gender fluidity. Grace takes the influence Kahlo had on her own life, examining her own story on “Girl Fight,” inviting her lover’s mistress to have their own love affair.

The journey of “Frida” is a multifaceted exploration of pain and lust, a moving tribute to her ancestral Aztec roots on a lavishly modern Latin  soundscape.  “Aztlán” provides a ray of hope for those who may not have a voice such as those of indigenous descent. Grace celebrates her own heritage with an detonation of vast empowerment by telling the story of her people’s achievements and rich history as Kahlo often did in her own artwork.  Grace rips off the bandage on the eerie slow tempo track,  “Relámpago,”exposing the hidden trauma from a past sexual assault as her tear-jerking soaked vocals sing about her coping similarities to those of Kahlo’s who suffered a life alternating accident.

Grace’s “Frida” leaves her heart out in the open throughout each track, vibrating with intense personal stories, challenging the pre conceived standards of what makes a great song and storyteller.  As the world is consumed with the smoke and mirrors of the perfectly curated social media pages, the need for sincerity in songs while the world is still struggling to keep the global pandemic in control is essential. Grace breaks music barriers by bringing her own bold style of pop with a dash of Spanish lyrics weaved into a classy tribute to her idol Frida Kahlo and importantly to herself.

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Photo Credit: Lara Callahan