It’s gearing up to be another summer dominated by BTS as they prepare up for their comeback release of “Butter”. The septet is set to release their next single in one week alongside their McDonalds meal collaboration and the promotional juggernaut is fully underway.

HYBE has been releasing teaser photos to build up excitement for their song release and this morning another promotional bomb was dropped when Rolling Stone confirmed the rumored June cover to showcase BTS. On top of that, the magazine will have a a box set featuring individual magazines for each member plus the group cover seen below.

Not sure about you but this brings me back to when NSYNC had individual covers back in the early 2000’s. The difference here is that BTS has once again made history becoming the first kpop act ever to cover the US version of the magazine. Heading up to the release of the June 1st cover, RS will also be rolling out digital covers of each member with Q&A’s in te next seven days (it’s the 7 again!).

You can now read the article at Rolling where the septet discuss their bond with ARMY and how they rewrote the music rules to become the biggest music group in the world. Preorder the box set by clicking on the image below.