Los Angeles based artist SKOFEE slides into the music sphere with her charming new single and accompanying music visual for “QVC”. The track is equipped with highly relatable lyrics about a messy situation between two people where one person takes advantage of the other. The bouncy pop track takes us on a stellar journey as the story begins to unravel to vulnerable heights. SKOFEE’s delicate vocals burn with nostalgia as hard realization begin to manifest when the rose colored glasses are removed.

The track and the video effectively showcases the similarities between the song’s story and a typical tv informercial. The music video is visually appealing packed with a vintage color aesthetic, glamorous wardrobe and a scene stealing dog appearance. SKOFEE is found in various scenes portraying a saleswoman in a informercial, sitting at a table with a cute dog and being entangled at the waist with many different retro corded telephones conveying the complex emotions of being stuck in an never-ending cycle of a toxic relationship.

“OVC” uncovers the ups and downs being trapped in a less than ideal relationship, coming to terms that the promise of a “perfect lover” once dangled in front of you is may be too good to be true just like a QVC commercial.  SKOFEE flips the song’s atmosphere with a whimsical performance, giving it a dash of sass and empowerment. The witty music video bares vulnerabilities relatable to anyone who has ever been in a similar situation without judgment. The clip induces a soft smile as SKOFEE’s charismatic energy pulls you in to the story.

SKOFEE is a memorable storyteller, sharing her sincere stories in her music in unusual innovative ways. As society begins to resume, new relationships are set to bloom while the roots of damaged relationships are bound to a tumultuous end and it’s artists like SKOFFE who will keep our ears filled with unconventional melodic music and honest lyrics while helping us navigate the unforeseen life challenges with  a confetti of hope.

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