Nashville’s own Lawrence D. splashes on to the music scene with his glittery pop-rock soaked debut single, “This Feeling”.  The track is a stylish, sweaty dance pop-rock song that will have you moving involuntary to the beat.  “This Feeling” channels a nostalgic eighties glam rock music energy as Lawrence D.”s sprinkles a dash of darkness with his carefree vocal performance. The track displays the vibrant colours of Lawrence D.’s vocal range instantly becoming an everlasting ear worm.  “This Feeling” is a sparkling champagne bottle full of raw emotions of desire and anticipation ready to be pour all over the music atmosphere as society begins to integrate back to togetherness and returning to the pre pandemic life.

The song strives with it’s intoxicating soundscape, dreamy lyrics and swagger dripping vocals cementing itself as a addicting dose of dopamine with each listen.  Lawrence D’s encapsulates the feelings of joy he experienced during the happy moments during quarantine in his apartment. We recently spoke with him all about the moments that inspired him to pursue music, how the 80s and quarantine played a pivotal role in creating his new track, ‘This Feeling”.

Lawrence D.’s music journey began with singing songs at church, one particular Beyoncé cover unleashed his passion for singing and performing, “Yes of course, just like any other singer or artist I’d like to think my decision to sing started in church. Ironically enough my first solo was a Beyonce song (who is my favorite artist)  from the movie The Fighting Temptations.” He recalls the buzzing energy from that day, “I remember getting a standing ovation and the feeling I got from absorbing the congregations energy was the best feeling I’ve ever had. From that moment on I knew that I wanted to be a singer.”

The Nashville based artist is deeply inspired to create music that pushes preconceived music standards, his influences are not an exception, a diverse group of artists who are widely known to push the music boundaries with their music themes and performance. “Well one of my main influences will always be the queen herself (Beyonce) but I also have other artist that I love and influence me like Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd, and Dua Lipa. I love how all of them individually are able to be themselves fully and tap into their artistry while also staying current with the times. They each have inspired me not to only push the envelope in my artistry but to also put everything I have in my craft.”

Lawrence D. explains how he would like his sound to reflect a rare sincere perspective while it encourages everyone to get on to the dance floor, “My sound for this stage in my life is very electric, regal and the lyrics are very vulnerable in a sense. For the last few months I’ve been wanting a new fresh  sound that’s of substance but in the same breathe will have everyone on the floor dancing.” It’s an interesting time in the world, some countries have returned to normalcy, others are closing back up. Society is pulsing with universally shared feelings of anxiety and relief to resume in person interactions once again. Lawrence D.’s ‘This Feeling” eases the tension, reminds us of the enjoyable moments like dancing alone in your apartment. “Being in quarantine has reminded me how much music is a universal language. It reminded me that in troubling times how much we need music and how much I danced and had fun in my apartment by myself back in Nashville. So that’s what I wanted to replicate in my sound.”

Lawrence D. was enamoured by the track his music producer Ian Osborne brought him for “This Feeling.” “I remember when Ian Osborne (producer) brought me the track. We were in the studio and played me the record that he made. I remember me getting entranced by the kicks and the drums and I imagined myself in front of a crowd of people and performing and feeling there energy just like I did when I was a little boy. The rush and the excitement in the track is electrifying and just wanted to show a more fun side of me that people have never seen before.” The undeniable homage to the eighties bleeds with yesterday’s music legends. Lawrence D’s describes the research he did to create an authentic retro song with a modern twist. “It was my intent to make a more feel good, retro, 80’s song. I really wanted to think outside the box and create something that you can party to and jam too. I really had to research some 1980’s tunes like Journey, George Michaels, Tina Turner, etc.”

The melodic track takes us to a welcoming worry free territory, Lawrence D.’s hopes the song serves as a form of escapism, “I really want the listeners to dance and enjoy themselves. Get lost like children and just have a good time. I enjoyed making this song and I just want my listeners to have fun as much as I did making it.”

As we conclude our chat, Lawrence D.’s promises more new song releases soon in addition to a forthcoming project due out some time next year. “Im actually working on a project. This Feeling  kind of kicked it off. Hopefully, the project will be released early next year so people can hear the body of work that I’ve been working on. Until then please keep streaming and be on the look out for more music!!!!”

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Photo Credit: Sean Burns II