It’s a bittersweet time for EXO-L as they’ve just said farewell to another EXO member who’s enlisted into the South Korean military service. In March 29th, Chanyeol made a quiet entry into the military as is required of all males by the age of 28 years.

Days after, fans were surprised as the official EXO Twitter account revealed a new track by Chanyeol was coming titled “Tomorrow.” The track is an acoustic pop song with candid lyrics about one’s future with Chanyeol took part in writing.

The single fits along with previews solo tracks that the artist has released as well as his latest project the movie “The Box” whose OST contains a lot of songs and overs performed by Chanyeol showcasing his vocals.

The MV for “Tomorrow” gives off a solitary and somber mood as Chanyeol is seen wondering the streets of Seoul at night as he ponders what the future brings for him. He is the fifth EXO member to enlist after D.O., Xiumin, Suho, and Chen. The estimated date of his military discharge is September 28, 2022.