Aroha has just been gifted with ASTRO’s second full length album as the album was released on April 5, 2021! Their previous full group comeback was in May 2020 with “Knock,” and Moonbin & Sanha made their sub-unit debut with “Bad Idea” in September 2020. During the month of March, the group has teased at their new comeback with various videos and concept photos for the three versions of their album and on April 5th the group released All Yours with an accompanying MV for the lead single, “ONE.”

The MV is an electro pop upbeat track that sets the perfect mood for the 10 track album that has a range of colors and rhythms song by song. The members vocals shine on their own in tracks like “Butterfly Effect,” “Dear My Universe” and “Our Spring” showing their perfect unity and why each plays an important role to round out the group.

Take a look at the amV for “ONE” below. All Yours is available on Apple Music, Line Music and Spotify.