Los Angeles based singer-songwriter INTRN takes a less traveled road filled with melodic optimism clouds on his latest single, “Get to You”, softening the harsh realities of everyday life. Best known for his “sad boy music”, INTRN explores the opposite path filled with shimmering rainbows of positivity effectively drowning out the universal grief and loneliness felt throughout the world. The new track flips INTRN’s perspective on the overwhelming feeling of loneliness, breaking the spell of hopelessness and looking at everything he has with a refreshed sense of gratitude.

“Get to You” is not a sudden departure from INTRN’s signature sound instead the catchy bedroom pop soundscape expands with a calming zen music atmosphere conveying resilience to live life with a positive outlook even when dark days come.  Music with a encouraging message is much needed for the world to begin to heal from their own struggles and anxieties, INTRN’s new track does that while revealing the nostalgia soaked thoughts remaining in his psyche.  The new song also reveals INTRN’s artistic transformation lyrically and vocally, moving his honest storytelling to a natural progression of growth.

The song is a certified earworm with a story dripping with sincerity, leaving the listeners with curiosity on where INTRN is headed next with his addicting, heartfelt pop music. As we swallow the bittersweet pill of the sure possibility of another year of lockdowns, quarantine and limiting human to human interactions we need reminders to bring us back to appreciate the things we have such music and artists like INTRN who continues push the box filled with preconceived labels out of his artistry of what an music artist should be and what storytelling is acceptable for the music industry and write music straight from his heart that offers solace to those who are searching for it.

INTRN is bound to leave music footprints, creating music that inspires empathy, perseverance and encouragement to process the entangled feelings of loneliness, sadness without judging yourself. Life is filled with changes, as the world seems to be underwater with horrific currents. The will to live to the fullest, is to feel and face anything threatening to pull you in turbulent waters. INTRN’s music reminds each of us during difficult days we must hope for a better day tommorow.

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Photo Credit: INTRN