Emerging Soul Crooner Eric Ryan delivers a mesmerizing mediation session with his new single, the lo fi infused R&B track, “Stuck” off his forthcoming debut EP titled “Dream State” slated for a February release. Ryan gives his own particular spin to alternative R&B landing on a trippy vibrant music space exclusively occupied by the likes of Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar. The Canadian artist gives an impressive glimpse of  intricate instrumental elements woven in his sound, jumping knee deep into the nostalgic abyss. “Stuck” laments the end of a relationship while holding on tightly to the vast good times in the relationship.

Ryan tackles the song’s story with delicate, lullaby like vocals meant to soothe the pain hidden beneath the surface. The music production is an elaborate moody soulful oasis soaked with classic neo-soul sounds and smoothing  guitar playing.  The track encourages you to immerse yourself with rose colored glasses on and reminisce about the great memories that melted your inner core.

Ryan’s music offers captivating intimacy that attracts your ears and bubbles your brain with a melting pot of vulnerabilities. The emotive track offers solace in sorrow and offers unseen views on the aftermath of a broken past relationship.The track depicts the heartbreaking dynamic of being in love with someone who clearly has moved on with someone else while feeling trapped in loneliness.

“Stuck” cannot be appreciated after a single listen, it requires multiple plays to every fascinating lyric and sound. Ryan gives his listeners accessible introspective R&B the perfect antidote to the erratic times we are living in. Music continues to be an healing outlet for society, people gravitate towards storytellers who get naked with their insecurities and unsettling emotions, creating music that unites us in feeling our messy feelings, just as Ryan has done with his song, “Stuck”.

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