London’s Georgia Black takes us on a melodic quest with calm inducing single “Repeat & Play”. The laidback blues track describes being stuck on the endless life cycle with the same routines. The song’s story becomes instantly accessible as the world is going through a repeated cycle of shutdowns and stay at home orders due to the on going global pandemic. The jazzy track shows off Black’s smoky vocals on the vintage soulful music production. Black’s melancholy driven vocals captivates the listeners welcoming continuous playing of the song.

As the year end is fast approaching, we interviewed Black and discussed the painful effects of COVID-19, writing music and how this year brought new life to “Repeat & Play.”

SR: Has quarantine inspired you to explore hobbies that bring you joy or has it inspired you to create more music than usual?

 GB: The quarantine has been a mixture of inspiring, intense and painful. It has definitely driven me to create more and as a result, there’s a lot of new music coming soon. However, losing loved ones has not been fun and I can only imagine the thousands of people in the same position as me. Regardless, it’s all going into the music.

SR: What was your experience of writing and recording your new single “Repeat & Play” like?

GB: I actually wrote Repeat & Play a couple of years ago with my friend Dornik (an amazing artist), but kind of forgot about it – then during lockdown 1, it came to the forefront of my mind because every day felt the same, like a record on repeat!

SR: The song has a globally relatable story for the world during an almost year long quarantine, did quarantine influence the track? If not, has the song’s meaning changed for you since you wrote it?

GB: Although the song wasn’t initially written during lockdown, the meaning of it has changed a bit for sure.

SR: Has quarantine changed the way you write music? If so, In what ways?

GB: I still write in the same way, but in terms of remote sessions and not physically being able to be in the same room as the producers and musicians I work with, hell yeah it’s changed!

SR: Has quarantine and the uncertain timeline of when live shows can resume back up changed your perspective on the importance of nurturing the connection with your fans? If so, how?

GB: Absolutely – I’ve definitely been more proactive on social media and am currently working on a unique way to do live events online.

SR: What is next for you?

GB: New releases in the new year!

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Photo Credit: LPR Agency