Up and coming singer-songwriter Hoger takes his listeners to a never ending maze of addictive toxic love on his latest offering titled “Same Mistakes”.  The seasoned songwriter was born singing, while he faced initial resistance from his strict Middle Eastern family early on, the unwavering present support from his family has enriched his path to leaving his own distinctive mark in the music world.

The track “Same Mistakes” is a ultra catchy pop song with spotlight stealing guitar playing and emotive vocals. The head-bopping pop anthem spills a intriguing music concoction of pop and rock elements. Hoger explores the in and outs of being entangled in a toxic relationship on “Same Mistakes” making it universally relatable to anyone who listens.

We spoke with Hoger sometime ago about unhealthy relationships, quarantine hobbies and the inspiration behind “Same Mistakes”.

SR: How has the quarantine been treating you? Has it inspired you to explore hobbies that bring you joy or has it inspired you to create more music than usual?

Hoger: Well, in the beginning quarantine was basically not different than my everyday life lol. As a musician we lock ourselves up in the studio almost every day anyway, but eventually it became a burden to my non musician friends/family and of course my girlfriend. So we started to go on long walks with our pug named Monki and visit empty woods, beaches and such.

I did pick up an old hobby again tho! I used to be a skateboarder for years (almost 10 years ago), so I went skateboarding again with a few friends and I have never felt more alive! 

SR: What was your experience of writing and recording your new single “Same Mistakes” like?

Hoger: We originally wrote the song in 2016, but it never felt “okay” for me to finish and release a song like this because of the heavy load that it carries. I have to be honest that it took a while before I felt ready to take this on, because mentally I finally found a way to deal with these emotions. I’ve finally given it a place and now I can share it with the world. Music to me is like therapy. When finalizing the song, it also felt like the end of a chapter. Every time I sing this song or listen to it, it’s like I’m opening my book and re-reading this chapter. It hurts, but it also feels like redemption. 

SR: What inspired the concept of the song?

Hoger: A toxic relationship with an even more toxic person that I damn well knew I shouldn’t be with, yet I kept going back or finding someone else that’s EXACTLY like her. As if nothing changed. No matter what she did or what happened: I couldn’t leave her.. Until one specific day and a specific thing she had done. I can’t go into details, but that was the moment I could finally let go and move on.. 

SR: Why do you think people get caught up in a toxic relationship? Do you think the media romanticizing tumultuous relationships influences our perception of what a healthy relationship is?

Hoger: It depends on the situation. Every person is different. Some people (like me), feel the need to help people who are basically unhelpable aka unconsciously don’t want to be helped. They drag you along into this everlasting spiral and you can’t get out. No matter how hard you try; you just can’t. The desire to help them becomes stronger and stronger and before you know it: you’re stuck. You only think of them and their wellbeing and completely forget about yourself in the equation. 

This also happens to people who just feel alone and have nobody else but this one person who is super toxic and the list goes on. The media does play a big role in this indeed. If you look at movies like “50 Shades Of Grey”, “365” and more. It’s become “cool” to be in a toxic relationship???? And as the cherry on top: The Social Media Era. I don’t think that I have to say much, because it basically says enough.

SR: What advice would you offer someone going through a situation similar to what “Same Mistakes” describes?

Hoger: Take a step back, re-evaluate, go into Eagle Eye Vision and most importantly: listen to your friends and family who actually SEE what’s going on with and in your relationship. They are the third party and completely impartial/independent (in most cases).

It sounds cruel and selfish, but in the end you have to choose for yourself. And a little cliché corny line: love yourself first, before you love someone else! 🙂 

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Photo credit: Daan Kamphorst