Alternative R&B Singer Ria Marie invites us inside a time machine traveling back to the 90s with her irresistible new song titled “90s BABY”. The song delivers her listeners a safe space to look back at yesterday’s memories while escaping from the world’s tumultuous dark scape. “90s BABY” give us an unfiltered view into Ria Marie’s childhood with nostalgic raw vocals and heart warming storytelling. The new material dazzles with a mixture of jazzy soul and contemporary pop serving a savory take on R&B music.

We had the great opportunity to catch up with the singer-songwriter about making music in covid times, the fan connection and all about the inspiration behind her song “90s BABY”.

The year 2020 forced the world to take a pause from the hectic days of daily life, the live music industry shut down with a long road ahead for live shows/events to start back up safety. Indie artists like Ria Marie had to cancel pre scheduled plans including travel plans and live show dates. After months of swimming in disappointment, Ria Marie found her sliver lining, quality time to focus on working on songwriting, “Quarantine at first was really hard because of all the canceled trips and dates, but after a few months I started to write some of the best music I’ve ever written.” Ria Marie reveals her plans to roll out the new music in the new year, “Hopefully those songs will be rolling out early 2021.”

Quarantine has inspired her to perfect her craft by practicing new art forms including refining her storytelling skills, “I don’t really have any hobbies because I don’t have time for them but I’ve continued to push myself outside of just being an artist/writer. I started writing sync songs with a producer that works in music supervision, continued to teach myself piano, studied songwriting and started getting back into acting. “ Ria Marie will be participating in a week long film production event next month, “If you want to check it out, here is the link.”

 At first listen, “90S BABY”’s pop culture references makes you take look at past memories. The song’s energy oozes the relaxed feeling you have after you taken a warm bath and had a glass of wine. Ria Marie envisioned the song’s energy slower and recorded with live instruments, “This song was written at the beginning of 2019. I wrote it with 3 amazing writers, Taylor Dahlia, Juliette Reilly and John Dyke. Originally, I was supposed to have a writing session with just one of them but each of us had separate dates set up with each other so we just combined the co-write. The song was written to a pop track but I had a different vision for it. I knew it would sound more like me if it was slowed down and recorded with live instruments.”

The pop track induces the fluttered sensations of anticipation in your stomach remembering a whirlwind romance living in your daydreams, yearning to come alive. Ria Marie describes creating the special energy with her co-producer during the recording sessions, “One of my best friends CJ-O produced the track with me and really went above and beyond creating the energy it has now. Lyrically, the song is a love letter to my childhood. I packed so many fun references from the 90s hoping to provide a little nostalgic escape for people from the beautiful mess that is 2020.”

“90S BABY” wasn’t written as a Ria Marie single initially, “We talked about a few ideas that we had all been thinking of and somehow we decided to create a song about growing up in the 90s. We didn’t write the song with a specific artist in mind so it could’ve been used by anyone. Once the song was done I asked the group if I could use it for my artist project and everyone was on board!” So what item would she bring back from the 90s to 2020, “CDs! I wish there was a successful way to have both digital and physical.”

Quarantine hasn’t changed the way she writes music except how much she collaborates with other songwriters; “I don’t co-write like I did pre-covid but I like to write alone anyways so it didn’t change much.” Ria Marie describes how the lack of planning for the immediate future has allowed her mind to quite down, “..not being able to go anywhere or plan the next thing allowed for my brain to finally shut up.” The uncertainty of when live shows can resume once again has changed her perspective on the importance to connect with her fans online; “It’s definitely allowed me to reach out to more fans online and actually get into deeper conversations.”

As we end our conversation, Ria Marie promises more music for the new year, “I’ve been working really hard on a project so you will be hearing a lot more from me at the beginning of next year!”

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Photo Credit: Daniel Chaney