Emerging pop artist Gwyn Love is blasting on the music scene with excellent debut EP, “At First Blush”. Her whirlwind journey began with her summer released critically acclaimed debut track, “never have to see u again”.  Hailing from a small town in Oklahoma, Love introduces her listeners to an intriguing music merger of contemporary pop and electronic pop with a pinch of punk rock attitude. In unprecedented times, Love’s audience will latch on and get lost in it her boldness and sincere songwriting.

Love has made the best out of the anxiety inducing times by diving head first into making music at home, practicing self care among other hobbies, “I set up an at home studio and I’ve been writing a lot! I’ve been focusing on self care, reading books, going on walks, writing poems. Learning a lot about myself during this time.”

“At First Blush” is an empathetic pop song collection which includes a track written when Love was 14 years old. She describes the experience of writing and recording her debut project, “One word I would use is “magical”, as cheesy as it sounds. Getting to be in the studio and record songs I wrote is all I ever wanted. Chad Petree produced all the tracks on the EP and he is amazing. Everything came out exactly how I envisioned it.”

When Love released her song “never have to see u again”, the music world couldn’t get enough, instantly praised by music bloggers, music editors and music streaming platforms across the music sphere. Love says the song is one of her favorites she wrote for the EP: “It was such a huge release for me. It didn’t take very long for me to write because it came so easily to me. I had so much I needed to release and I released it all in that song.”

The song collection is a multi colored music canvas showcasing the many stories in very distinctive alternative pop textures, Love explains how the title describes the storytelling of the project. “Well the title “at first blush” seemed perfect to me and grouped all the songs together because they’re about me moving to the city and the experiences I had within my first two years. I love that it has the word “blush” because colors are my thing and it’s super cute.”

The EP welcomes self introspection about life, relationships and everyday emotions and served as a artistic learning experience for Love. “I had never recorded in a studio before so that was definitely a learning experience. I realized my strength and how much I overcame. I love that I’m able to create art out of some of the toughest situations and worst times in my life.”

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Photo Credit: Mandy-Lynn Antoniou