New York bred turned LA transplant pop artist Mike Taveira is turning heads with his fantastic visually pleasing music video for his latest single titled “Karma”.  The artist is found getting attacked by dodgeballs until he drops down on the floor. There is vulnerable, close up shots of Taveira laying on the floor questioning why Karma hasn’t visited his ex lover and has taken a likening to him instead. After sometime Taveira breaks free of the heavy chains of insecurities catching the dodgeballs headed towards him and begins throwing the balls back. In the end, Taveira escapes from the resentment and dark space he was enveloped in.

We had amazing opportunity to have a chat with Taveira about the video treatment of “Karma”, the life changes quarantine has accelerated and some honest advice about karma and failed relationships.

Quarantine turned Taveira’s year upside  down with cancelled travel plans and studio sessions. The uncertainty of what the next months would hold spiraled him into a state of depression. “The beginning of quarantine was really rough. I was living in New York at the time and had plans to go to LA for sessions and they ended up being cancelled due to COVID.” Taveira describes how his life changing decision to move to LA served as motivation to swim away from the dark waters he was in all those months: “I spent the next couple of months feeling depressed but, eventually, I pushed myself to get up, take the leap, and move from NYC to LA so I can be here with my music team. Now, every Monday I get tested at Dodger Stadium to make sure I’m negative to be able to be in the studio with that same small team. Even though 2020 has been and still is extremely rough, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life because I get to be making music consistently.”

Let’s rewind back to the month of August, Taveira was in the midst of filming his music video for “Karma” in NY, he reminisces about the good times during the music shoot. “Filming the “Karma” video was so much fun! I filmed the music video in August in Brooklyn with a small team who all tested negative beforehand. We laughed, had fun, and created something beautiful together while also taking all the necessary COVID precautions.”

The unique dodgeball video concept was conceived with friend/collaborator Lemon from TV Show Canada’s Drag Race; ”The music video concept was actually dreamed up in pre-COVID times. I sat down with my friend Lemon (from Canada’s Drag Race) at Manhattanville Coffee Shop in Harlem (my favorite!) and we came up with this simple yet effective way of telling the “Karma” story. The dodgeballs being decked at my face represent what it’s like to feel like you’re always receiving karma on your end.”

The video shoot included a tight knit group of collaborators and friends helping out. Taveira recalls the incredible atmosphere behind the scenes, ”I created the “Karma” music video with a close group of people and it was very special! It was awesome to have my brother, Jason Taveira Fernandes, to help out on set, and to have other really close people in my life, like Derek Johnson (editor) and Skyler Cocco (producer, songwriter), there.”

Taveira shares sincere advice to someone going through a situation similar to what “Karma” describes: “I think it’s okay to express upset and anger from someone betraying you and to also know that it wasn’t ever your fault. It’s very difficult to see someone you love move on quickly. It can be easy to think that there was something wrong with you, but the truth is, in situations like this, there absolutely isn’t anything wrong with you. This particular relationship just didn’t work and it was never going to. As cliché as it sounds, you do grow and learn so much from every single type of heartbreak you experience. Don’t dwell in it like I did for so long. It will eat away at you and take away from your own happiness. The other person is probably also going through stuff as well, even if it doesn’t appear that way. Karma gets to everyone eventually, especially those who hurt or do others wrong.”

Watch the “Karma” music video below

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Photo Credit: David-Simon Dayan