Me Nd Adam are a vibrant feel good music union bound to steal their listeners’ attention with their unconventional alternative pop sound. After meeting in New Orleans, Me Nd Adam members Vince Winik  and Adam Walker began playing music during their down time. Eventually the pair realized they were each other’s music soulmates, birthing Me Nd Adam.

Their latest fiery track, “Something Better” is the third single from their forthcoming debut album titled “American Drip Part 1,” due out Nov 13th. The electro pop track swims in classic rock melodies riding a confetti-filled storytelling wave. The energetic single trickles with texan influence and their flamboyant artistry leaving an everlasting impression of their rare approach to their take on experimental pop music. We recently spoke with the dynamic music duo about the meaning behind their band name, their creative process and their inspiration for “Something Better”.

SR: What is the story behind your band name?

A: When Vince and I first met in New Orleans, we were playing in various other bands. We’d make music in our downtime and while we were helping our buddy (and now live guitarist) Wild Bill fix up his studio. The music we would make was long before we had an intention of starting a real project, so when Vince would show his friends our songs he’d play something and someone might ask what is this? And he’d say “it’s me and adam!” People kept hearing our stuff and thinking it was decent and worth pursuing, so one early morning at Ms Maes on Magazine & Napoleon, after our fair share of vodka sodas, we decided to start the band for real, and decided to call it what Vince had been calling it to his friends for the last few months.

SR: What was your experience writing and recording “Something Better” like?

V: The track started with the melodic samples in the pre-chorus and some chords. Adam was singing the vocal idea for the same section and said, “we’re just waiting for something better.” We threw some distortion on that line and knew it was the phrase that paid. From there, we knew we wanted a big drop and the rest is history.

SR: What inspired “Something Better”?

A: I think we’d just been partying a bit too much as of late. There’s a fine line between having fun and being miserable and at the time this song was written we were towing that line fairly precariously.

SR: Your music is an excellent example of respecting your each other’s differences and finding common ground, creating music that celebrate each other’s unique artistry, In what ways did embracing each other’s individuality change the way you approach making music?

A: It really depends on how the song starts. If I come in with a couple of melodic ideas/ chords because I’ve been working in it at home, after 30 minutes with Vince it sounds entirely different than it did in my head- he takes what I have and changes the tempo, the chords, the arrangement, the feel, and is usually the first one to say this isn’t done or this isn’t the chorus it’s the bridge. When Vince starts the song before I hear it, it already has the chords and feel the way he invisions and then we both shoot melodic and lyrical ideas around until we feel like it’s doing the track justice. In general we listen to pretty different styles of music. Vince loves trap and pop punk. I love quiet singer songwriters, and we both love the whole range of country (classic, outlaw, 80’s and modern top 40). 

SR: What message do you hope your listeners take away from listening to your music?

A: I’d hope they feel like someone hears them and goes through the same things as them. Growing up is tough, or if you’ve already grown up, it’s still tough or at least you might remember the tough times. Our music is usually about things not being okay, but how that’s okay. We try and be very honest in the lyrics and I hope that resonates with our listeners.

SR: What is next for you?

A: We’re announcing the release date and merch drop for our debut album American Drip Part I very soon, we have a music video for “Something Better” out October 4th, a 4th single off the record out in mid October, and then the album release! Not to mention, we’ve been in the studio everyday working on new music! As we like to say, Giddy up or Giddy out.

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Phot Credit: Hannah Edelman