BTS are on top of the world as their latest single, “Dynamite” continues to remain at the top of the Billboard charts. The South Korean group achieved their first Number 1 on the Billboard charts with the first all English track. After spending a second week at the top, the single slid down to number two were it has remained.

Now, one month since their dynamite takeover the charts, BTS dropped the release date for their next album. The septet has already spoken about their incoming albums in interviews and vlogs, discussing how this time around they would be more involved in the album making process. Through the rough summer they’ve shared videos with fans where the group discuss what member will be in charge of each aspect ranging from album design, songs, photography and spokesperson with their label, Bug Hit.

In usual BTS, style he group announced the official release date with a tweet linking to their Weverse page revealing the album name BE

The press release states:

BE (Deluxe Edition)” contains the most “BTS-esque” music yet. The latest story from BTS begins by declaring that “even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on” and imparts a message of healing to fans and to the world.

This album is made more special by direct involvement from BTS in not only the music, but from the concept and composition to design. You will discover throughout the album the thoughts, emotions and deepest reflections of BTS while experiencing an even richer musical spectrum. “

BTS’s new album “BE (Deluxe Edition)” will be released on Friday, November 20. The album will be printed in limited quantities for first-run print only, and stocks and pre-order periods may vary by retailer.

Pre-orders are now ion in various retailer including the official Global and US shops on Weverse. Pre-orders made in the US Shop will count toward the Billboard charts while orders in the Global Shop count towards Hanteo and Gaon charts.

Album package includes:

– ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’ will be released in one version. (limited offer, first-run only)

– 1 CD

– PHOTO BOOK  I  148 X 210 (mm) / 100 pages, 92 pages

– MAKING BOOK I 148 X 210 (mm) / 32 pages

– PHOTO FRAME I 148 X 210 (mm)

– LYRIC POSTER 1ea I 444 X 630 (mm) 




– POSTER 1ea I 630 X 444 (mm)

We can’t wait to see where BTS take us next in their musical journey and what message they have to impart on their ARMY!

Preorder your copy from Weverse, Target, Amazon US, Yes24, Aladdin, Interpark, Amazon UK and the Official BTS Japan Shop!