Hard to believe but it’s only been six mo the since BTS broke records with their latest album, Map got eh Soul: 7 and their songs “ON” and “Black Swan.” This was before the pandemic hit and world changed as we know it. While most of the music industry pushed back releases and concerts where canceled, BTS and their label Big Hit Entertainment continued to provide their fans with content and maintain in contact through live streams, photos and even and online concert.

Now, the South Korean group is back on the scene but this time with a full English track. The septet teased the track about s month back while dropping hints in their V Live and later releasing their comeback schedule.

Their first teaser photo revealed the track name “Dynamite” which showed to have a retro look. It was later learned that it would be all in English. This is a change from the norm as most of the group’s songs are in Korean (their native language) so the anticipation became greater.

The MV for “Dynamite” drooped at 9PM PST/ 12 AM EST On August 21st and immediately raced up the charts. As of now, it has reached #1 in iTunes in over 100 countries and YouTube streaming count stands at over 50 million views (it reached 10 million in just 10 minutes after release).

The video is packed with nods to Michael Jackson and other influences from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. From the outfits to the colors and dance moves, “Dynamite” is definitely a dance track set to make you move. A much needed positive vibe for 2020.

The promo has just started as BYS is set to appear on MYV Fresh Out Live later today and The Today Show on August 24th. That day they will also be releasing the MV for their B-side which has been announced to be an EDM + Acoustic Version of “Dynamite”. The group is capping off the month of August by performing the song for the first time live at the 2020 MTV Music Video Awards on August 30th.

Fans know that their previous releases, although record breakers worldwide, have not received the deserved radio play and attention as other western artists so with this full English track we will see just how fair the industry really is. The excuse of “the song is in a foreign language” will no longer stand as valid to black out the music of the biggest group in the world.

Take a look at the “Dynamite” MV below and buy the track on iTunes, Amazon Music or stream on Spotify, Deezer, Orchard, Apple Music and Youtube Music.

You can also now pre-order the EDM and Acoustic versions at the BTS shop!