Austin Harms embraces life changes on joint music collaboration titled “used to be” with fellow music artist/producer INTRN. The calming ballad offers an opportunity for the pair of California artists to look back to the life events that shaped them and reaching a spacious place of acceptance. The track is ripe with introspection sonically and lyrically reaching a courageous milestone of giving up on battling against life changes and accept necessary growth.

The new track was conceived after a brief trip to New York City. Both artists inject undeniable transparency while diving into the life altering moments that reshaped their perspectives on life, mental health and loss. INTRN shared the following about the song via official press release: “I looked back at myself and was able to see that I changed over the years, and through battling resistances – people moving, people dying, struggling with work/life balances – I was able to see that change isn’t a bad thing, and I’m getting better at accepting that change.”

Harms  leaps into painful territory as he comes to terms with the changes he endured with his dad’s passing, “The song speaks on the painful but necessary process of growing and changing, and accepting that process. I was thinking about my dad, who passed away several years ago – thinking about going to New York for the first time and how I’m so different than who I was, and just wondering if he would recognize the person I am now and be proud of who I’ve become through everything I’ve been through over the past few years.”

“used to be” shakes off the heaviness of resistance and invites personal growth to take over their mind psyche. The music soundscape feels fresh, exploring different elements of electronic pop while spotlighting a winning formula of intricate blend of the two artists’ signature sounds. The highly contagious tranquil melody of the music production is unquestionably comforting and will be looping in your thoughts for hours after being played.

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Photographer Credit Jonny Villegas