Asian American singer-songwriter Mesmi is ready to shake up the music climate with her much awaited debut album titled “Slow Down”. The album is a fully “sit down and listen’ album to understand the picturesque story bring told. The project finds new ways to approach the enduring topics of relationships, self identity and loss, experimenting with exceptional song and vocal arrangements that stir up your soul.

Mesmi’s seasoned songwriting talents paint the stories in tracks like “Evergreen”, “Orchestrate” and “Two Roots” with massive amounts of realism and vulnerability. On the track, “C.L.Y.G.” She faces the end of her damaged relationship, reflecting the unhealthy cycle of being pulled back into the fantasy of love is enough.

The song collection serves as a way to escape and reflect on what you lost and the life lessons you learned and continue to learn along the way. Each song transports you to a moment in time where the song lyrics give your heart a breathtaking squeeze on a nostalgia stained planet where your memories played on endless loop.

When the final track rolls, the sorrowful “Here Anymore” feels like a last goodbye to yesterday as life opens a brand new chapter of possibilities. Mesmi proves herself capable with a rare voice with a buttery smooth vocal range interwoven all over the album.

Mesmi’s debut album sets her apart as an interesting new voice in pop music. Not only is Mesmi an immense storyteller, music creator and vocalist, she has a rare talent to dig deep into relatable topics that many people are afraid to explore.

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