LA based TRACES is ready to flip the music world upside down with his second single titled “Silver Lines” from his upcoming debut album, “6 HRS.” TRACES spins his crisp signature sound on the new moody track on it’s unconventional heels creating a  invigorating music avalanche of frank truths and thumping music beats. The untamed desperation soaking through the conflicted vocals haunting, delighting you deeply for it’s relatability and naked vulnerability.

Get to know TRACES’ on our exclusive interview “The Vulnerable Quest of Singer-Songwriter TRACES

We had the incredible opportunity to catch up with TRACES amidst the unveiling of his newly released single and spoke about the experience of songwriting and recording of “Silver Lines,” the intention behind the experimental vocal song arrangements and how to break out from being afraid to live life without the heavy chains of insecurity weighing you down.

The earlier stages of “Silver Lines” involved a piano in a tiny room found at TRACES’ former college. “I was doing a lot of sessions working with different writers/producers pretty much every day of the week and just felt like I wanted a day to work on the piano by myself. I went to my old college to use one of the tiny practice rooms they had available with a piano in it. I ended up just playing some chords and within an hour most of the song’s melodies and core lyrics were written.” After that moment everything effortlessly fell into it’s place during his next recording session with his music producers/writers,. “I took that into a session I had booked with my friends dav and Isaiah Blas (two writers I work with frequently) and we took my piano vocal to a fully produced song. The couple of days we spent working on it were just really easy. Some songs you really have to put your head down and work to get it over the line and some just come to you in minutes; this was one of those simple ones that flowed out of the three of us.”

TRACES gets real about his mental health,  giving us an intimate glimpse to the vortex of his stormy thoughts. “Silver Lines” kicks up the urgency to smash the intertwined web of self sabotage and vanish the raw terror eating away his willingness to love freely with the heart ripping vocal harmonies found throughout the song, TRACES admits his passion for R&B music played a key role to the way it was layered on; “Honestly I just really love finding harmonies and challenging vocal tones to inject into the songs. Isaiah and I are both huge R&B fans, often because of the vocal performances, so we wanted to be able to add similar types of vocal layerings to this song. I like that you pointed out the sense of urgency though, the song is supposed to be a little desperate. The concept is being able to get over your own fears concerning most relationships failing, and rather being present with the person you’re in love with. There is an urgency to get out of that pessimistic mindset and look to the person in front of you. That was what I wanted to come through with the vocal tones.”

While the song does serve TRACES as a personal reminder not fall back to unhealthy habits, he makes it clear that his experience managing his mental health is still evolving. “Yeah, I think songwriting is a way for me to make sense of what I’ve been feeling but just can’t quite find the logical way of breaking down those emotions. When the song is finished and I can live with it for a bit, I can see myself and where I was at a little more clearly. This song was a way for me to see why I was so uncomfortable and anxious about being in a relationship. I don’t know if I’m fully away from those harmful cycles but I now know they exist through making this song and I can avoid falling with a lot more ease.”

As we live each day searching for an escape from the ever circulating news cycle of bad news, “Silver Lines” provides an uplifting moment to dance around your living room as you sing loudly, delivering a temporary peace of mind we all search for on a daily basis. TRACES hopes his music can soothe your mind and spirit in these unprecedented times. “This a really weird time in the world where there isn’t a lot to look forward to on a daily basis. So I think on a practical side, I just want to put out music for people to listen to right now cause that’s how I’m getting through this: Listening to music, dancing terribly in the kitchen while cooking, and staying busy. The whole concept of Silver Linings is finding the hopeful thread in a hard situation. Being in a difficult and isolated place is not preferable by any means but it is the main area we grow, learn about ourselves, and build empathy for other people. So I guess I hope that this song can give people some joy (something to dance like a fool to) and an opportunity to find those silver linings in this weird time we are all in together.”

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Photo Credit: Chad Saechao