Los Angeles based Alternative Artist and Producer Rence provides a unearthly escape with newly released remix for his single “Type 2” enlisting the help from pop singer, Chloe Lilac. Rence’s greatest strength is his ability to stretch himself across a spectrum of music genres leaving his listeners bleeding with wonderment on what they just listened to. “Type 2” begins with a burning minimal track as Rence’s vocals color the song with quiet nostalgia as it nonchalantly transforms to a searing experimental earworm.

The glitchy melody encapsulates the out of the box mood of the song. The new remix exposes the female perspective of a ill-fated love affair in the song’s lyrics. The single is an experimental journey of titillating beats, moving vocals and magnetic songwriting. The feeling of doomed romance adds intense depth to the reimagined track. The thrilling twists and turns of the song’s soundscape contains a catchy blend of hip hop, r&b, pop laced with alternative undertones.

“Type 2” addresses the themes of relationship struggles including the lack of communication highlighted in the song’s story. The song continues to display Rence growth musically and sonically, giving us a pleasant vacation from our worried filled minds. As the world is clouded with uncertainty, it’s artists like Rence who will keep our ears filled with unconventional melodic music and relatable lyrics leaving us to ponder the true healing power of hearing a great song.

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