Nashville’s own folk/pop singer Mary Moore delights the music world with her serenity inducing latest music video for her single “Map My Body”. The music clip plays like a quiet homage to mother earth featuring Moore dancing around in the middle of a luscious forest as her lover observes and draws  what he sees. The visual clip reflects the deep fondness Moore has towards nature, showing the freedom it emits to her inner core.

The close up shots are moved indoors with an open invitation to her lover to explore their intimacy as she is surrounded by rose petals in the bathtub. Moore uses her body movements to convey the unknown, thrilling emotions during the beginning stages of a new relationship. The video will have you reminiscing of the euphoria lived at least once in your life causing your heart to smile.

The scenic scenes remind us all how otherworldly Earth is, to appreciate resilience of our planet awaking a beam of hope for humanity as we face our darkest hour. Artists like Moore are needed more than ever to lighten up a flame of inspiration to our human spirits with her naked storytelling and exposing music videos.

Watch the music video for “Map My Body” below:

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