Pop music chameleon Emily Vaughn stirs steaming temptation with her new music video for her single titled “Get Naked”. Vaughn is no stranger in pushing the envelope lyrically, vocally and visually. She effectively explores uncharted music territory, commanding your attention to look beyond her resilient surface, inviting listeners to have a glance at her soft interior of tangled emotions relatable to anyone listening. Her single “Get Naked” is a sultry pop anthem destined to encourage many people to remove articles of clothing while giving a sense of confidence to feel comfortable in your own bare skin.

The music video for “Get Naked” features a diverse group of Vaughn’s friends/collaborators expressing themselves in various state of undressed, entangled with each other celebrating their sexuality. “The LGBTQ community is so important to me – I’m incredibly passionate about equal rights and bringing positive, empowering vibes to the people that deserve it the most. It was super important to me to have different queer people, body types, and ethnicities in the “Get Naked” video because I wanted to really dive in on the idea that there’s not one specific mold of what sexuality should all look or feel like. Sexuality is a spectrum- we should all be able to feel free, sexy and confident,” said Vaugh regarding the video casting via press release.

The pink-haired Vaughn drips with a assertive, powerful presence lounging around in provocative black lingerie with her signature knee high boots, as the clip moves along, her delicate vulnerability begins to shine through. The playful clip effectively conveys the overwhelming natural urge of giving in to physical chemistry with someone while pushing aside the messy consequences of the aftermath. The vivacious earworm is without a doubt a savory anthem about sexual liberation, an essential boost of empowerment to own your sexuality and express it the way you crave to.

Check out the Joe DeSantis – Shawn Binder directed music video for “Get Naked” below:

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