Pop darling Brooke Alexx is dancing her way into everyone’s hearts with her latest release of daring pop anthem,”Downplay” with accompanying music video.  The highly contagious pop song is a sticky tongue in cheek journey about gathering the pieces of your shattered heart and begin the healing process with spicy dance moves.

Hot on the heels of releasing her self directed music video for “Downplay”, Alexx spoke with us about the inspiration behind the video concept and provided insight on memorable moments on set.

The video clip features a old fashioned chic aesthetic from the featured video props like the Vintage television to the wild print love seats taking her viewers through a trip down memory lane. Alexx had this vision in mind when she began thinking of the video concept, “I wanted to stick with my bright and colorful aesthetic but take it in a more sophisticated direction for the new music. Once I settled on the retro chic vibe for the photography, I started scouting for a video shoot location that captured the same look for consistency. The house we used was incredibly decorated and a perfect match.”

The greatest strength of Alexx is her ability to stretch herself across a spectrum of music genres creating her own spunky pop sound. The beaming track has a blissful mix of upbeat pop beats with a vibrant dash of hip hop infused rhythms, the perfect recipe for a savory dance choreography featured throughout the video, Alexx shared how dance class inspired her to add the dance sequences in the visual, “I have been taking hip hop classes at Millenium in Nashville, and they usually film the dances at the end of class. So I reached out to videographer Marco De La Cruz and choreographer Joy Spears with the concept and they were completely onboard! I shot three music videos in one day and this was the first, so we met at 9am and it only took about an hour or so. The most difficult part was filming the first scene just because we were all getting warmed up, but everything started sailing after that. My favorite part was the last scene because I loved dancing with the girls – it felt so empowering!”

Alexx continues to bring her accessible songs in her own spontaneous style dripping with strength and determination, sending impactful messages about independence and female empowerment, Alexx emphasizes the importance of having empowering messages in her music, “I always aim to channel confidence and strength in my songs and videos. Female empowerment is very important to me, and I love being able to showcase these incredibly talented dancers.”

Music is an outlet for healing an awful day, a sorrowful moment like a disastrous breakup in “Downplay.” Alexx shows us with unstoppable determination we can heal and dance our way back to an unbroken heart, “I hope listeners will feel encouraged. Don’t let a heartbreak keep you from dancing to the music!”

Watch the music video for “Downplay” below:

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