Indie pop singer-songwriter, producer Simone is known for her mesmerizing girl power anthems and her latest single, “I’m Not Lonely” is no exception. The growing buzz on the multi faceted artist’s out of the box music has taken a louder level by enamoring her listeners with each track she drops.

The song, “I’m Not Lonely” is a beautifully written, uplifting experimental pop track embedded with a message of hope, resilience. Simone’s vocal range goes from a gentle ethereal vocal delivery to full throated confident vocals giving you instant goosebumps as the song’s story unfolds.

The single has universal appeal, a self loving anthem encouraging others to find the strength within yourself, not letting any negativity or toxic people affect the way you see yourself. Simone describes the track as a pillar of inner strength via press release: “I’m Not Lonely’ is about finding and becoming your own strength. We’ve all been there at one point or another, when someone unfairly judges you or speaks untruths about who you are, because of their own insecurities. When those opinions get too loud, we can find ourselves forgetting what we really bring to the table. I wrote ‘I’m Not Lonely’ as a reminder that we shouldn’t fear our uniqueness, we should be celebrating it. We are all capable of giving more love and we forget to give ourselves that love too. “I’m Not Lonely, at its core message, is really about loving yourself.” 

In a society where everyone finds value on how many likes a photo on social media has, it’s almost inescapable not to seek validation from others, this having a devastating effect on your self esteem. “I’m Not Lonely” is a necessary anthem for anyone who feels trapped by what others think of them. Simone doesn’t hold back on speaking about her personal experience with toxic people and situations, giving an undoubtedly silver lining to those who wish to break free like her.

Simone’s future seems vastly bright with her eye popping music production and transparent storytelling. Simone has masterly created her own space in the music sphere, shaping her own fearless take on pop music while spreading the message of empowerment for all the independent women across the world.

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