Rising Pop singer Elliot Jones is ready to take over the dance floor of every night club worldwide with his latest luscious pop anthem titled “Groupie”. The refreshing quality of Jones is the bold variation of multiple music genre blending experimentations found in his songs, each diverse from one another, yet all containing a engaging story. “Groupie” takes him further to uncharted music territory exploring another facet of his artistry to have yet to be seen.

We had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with fabulous artist to discuss all things Groupie, from his 70s influence, to the track’s recording sessions to the meaning behind the song name.

“Groupie” serves as a homage to the era of the 70’s. Jones shares how the culture highly influenced the story of the track; “Musically, “Groupie” is not really influenced by the sounds of that decade but the concept of the song is definitely inspired by the ethos of that time. The 70’s were really a time of change where it felt like the world was waking up and beginning to question and challenge some of the norms, when it comes to concepts like sexual liberation and feminism. But since it was the start of some of these groundbreaking cultural ideas, young people, and especially young women around musicians (sometimes derogatively referred to as groupies) were kind of tasked with discovering what felt empowering and what felt demeaning to them.” The relatability of what the women were going through resonated with Jones deeply, “I just felt a connection to the young women of that time, when I was just feeling unsure in the relationship with the person that I’m writing about. Like I’m willing to be this supportive cheerleader figure for you, emotionally and sexually, but not if it’s only going to be so one way and never reciprocated back to me.”

The song dives into gloomy pop waters, setting up a effective element of surprise for listeners who have followed the artist since his first music releases. While his past releases have shades of empowerment and charisma, this new track turns it up to 100, making it one of those rare pop anthems that will give you the confidence to demand to be treated with respect by your significant other. Jones admits he was eager to color his sound with darkness and vulnerability, “Absolutely not ahah I’ve been wanting to so something darker and moodier than my previous releases. I think I have a lot more melancholy to me than my previous songs present and I’m really excited to share that with this song, and my future releases.”

The recording sessions for “Groupie” were effortless with all the elements and ideas coming together in a breeze, Jones remembers how memorable it truly was: “What was memorable to me about this song is just how quickly it came together. I had written the song by myself just on keys and told my producer Zack that I wanted some moodier production for it. I referenced Lennon Stella and Rosalia specifically because I knew I wanted snaps and claps and some edgier dance vibes. I was worried that the productions ideas in my head were not really going to line up with the melodies I wrote but Zack kind of picked it up right away and it all happened really quickly. By the end of the session, we were obsessed with it already.”

Love is mosaic a beast, it has varied sides, some beautiful, some conflicting and some confusing, The songs that stay with you are the songs that explore the messy entangled parts of love and relationships. “Groupie” does that in a fearless way. “I think with some of my other releases, I’ve presented love as dreamy, euphoric, full of butterflies and excitement. But that’s only one small lustful part of it and the truth is that it’s usually a lot more complicated than that. You’re not always certain where you stand or if this is good for you. You’re not certain about your emotions or the other persons. But that’s where some of the most interesting feelings and concepts arise from and I’m glad I get to speak on that.”

Jones takes the term groupie and gives it a much needed transformation, making it a source of strength, empowerment and liberation from a one sided relationship. “To me, “Groupie” means standing up for yourself and re-evaluating your role in a relationship with someone. Realizing that as you acknowledge how special someone else is, you can’t forget what makes you special too.”

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 Photo Credit: Justin Gilbert