Alternative Pop Singer/Songwriter Devin Kennedy’s brand new song “Happy Yet?” gives an exposing look inside his psyche in dealing with the current internet age and his entangled relationship with social media. We caught up with the LA based artist where we chatted about the inspiration behind “Happy Yet?”, the destructive side of comparing yourself to others and what he hopes his audience will take away from listening to this new track.

The expressive new song opens with Kennedy’s vulnerable driven vocals accentuating the varied ways social media can affect the way you see yourself. Kennedy takes you on a reflective excursion as the song’s story begins to unravel, revealing a distorted way of thinking most society can relate.“We wrote ‘Happy Yet’ about how social media has effected my life over the last few years. I fall into this headspace over and over again where I put too much pressure on myself because all I do is watch other people’s life-highlights online.“

Kennedy describes the inner struggle he faces when he gets caught up inside the endless rabbit hole of comparison. “I’m constantly comparing my career to their careers, my success to their successes. It’s unhealthy because they’re only posting the positive side of their life online and I know it’s not fair to hold myself to that.” Kennedy discloses the motivation for writing about this particular story was due to its universal reliability between himself and his co-writers; “Because this topic is so real to my co-writers and I, the “Happy Yet” writing session was very honest and emotional….the way songwriting should be. We wrapped up the production on the song over a few weeks last summer, and I knew it right away that it would be a focus track for me in 2020. I love it.”

The new track serves as an accurate depiction of the way society relates to social media to their own lives, we asked him if this was a preconceived notion when he began working on the song, “We actually started a completely different song the day we wrote “Happy Yet”….about an hour in it just wasn’t connecting so we decided to try something completely different.” Kennedy further elaborates how the song idea began to develop, “My co-producer Lukas started playing some piano chords and I freestyled the line “compare myself to strangers on the internet” and we took off from there. The song just came to us. The best ones do.”

“Happy Yet” will unquestionably pull heart strings with exposing confessions embedded in the song, giving his fans music that will make them feel less alone. Kennedy shares how important it is for him to speak on sincere topics in his music, “The more music I release, the clearer it becomes that people really want something conceptual and real to latch onto. Love songs about spending money and having a great time will always have their place, but songs like Happy Yet cut a little deeper with any given listener, and that’s why it’s important to be vulnerable when writing a song like this…it lands in a much more honest and relatable place.”

Music is a powerful way to bring hope to those who feel anxiety triggered by the suffocating pressure of not measuring up to society’s impossible ideal lifestyle portrayed all over the internet. Music like “Happy Yet” gives you a boost of strength serving as a reminder that your journey is unique and comparisons to others will eat away at your own happiness and self esteem.

Kennedy admits to still falling into the negative blackhole of comparing his own life to another’s masterfully curated lifestyle, “Though I’ve gotten better at detaching from results/expectations, I would say I still spend far too much time in that negative headspace. It’s been very difficult for me and every day is a learning experience. What has helped is reminding myself that I can’t compare myself to, as you said it, someones ‘masterfully curated lifestyle. It’s unfair and unhealthy’.”

Kennedy offers essential advice to anyone having a hard time dealing with negative thoughts about their self worth and carry the belief that material things will bring you happiness, “It’s not about the things you have, it’s about the people you surround yourself with. The chorus of “Happy Yet” goes, “I look at all these things and I’m not happy yet…where do I buy happiness?”…which is rhetorical…you can’t buy happiness. I think you can only find it within yourself or in other people.”

Check out the music video for “Happy Yet?” below:

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Photo Credit: Miles Carey-Snow