Indie pop singer-songwriter Aaron Taos has stepped out of the box with his imaginative music video for his newest single titled “I just fell in love with my ex”.  The video is a delightful time capsule of good times with a past lover exploring the remaining conflicting emotions attached when the burning flame of love gets ignited once again.

The retrospective clip begins with Taos sitting at a table writing in his leather bound journal as the memories of the past begin to flow in behind him.  The memories include three characters, “young Taos”, “the ex girlfriend” and “cupid”.  Humor is injected with each character being portrayed with endearing  qualities found typically on the classic rom com movie genre.

The “young Taos” character is wearing glasses, a sweater vest and a bow tie carrying a heart shaped box of chocolates looking vulnerable when the “too cool for you” blonde wigged cupid appears to shoot his love arrow to “young Taos” while wildly moving his hips to the song’s beat. As the song’s story begins to unfold the ex girlfriend appears playfully holding a giant red rose and a bottle of medication as “present Taos” visibly struggling with his resulting decisions. As the song ascends to the chorus, all three characters appear behind “present Taos” performing a cheeky, light hearted choreographed dance bound to enamor his audience.

The visual’s biggest surprise is the appearance of Taos’ guitarist seductively playing his guitar spinning behind the video characters inducing an explosion of positive emotions. The music video will ultimately brighten up your day with it’s sharp humor oozing precious, innocent tone. Taos is known for injecting his carefree sense of humor on his past music videos however this Valentine’s day homage clip is his most adventurous yet.

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