Alternative artist Rence is on a mission to bring his own brand of changeable pop to the music scene. Loaded with energizing guitar playing, identifiable songwriting on a expressive musical canvas, Rence is bound to rise beyond his tight knit fanbase and reach listeners worldwide with his latest red hot single “hate u btw”. The new song stretches Rence’s songwriting and vocal talents taking his original artistic sound further to undiscovered waters.

The track, “hate u btw” finds LA based artist exploring the raw and destructive side of relationships gone wrong. The song is a trippy affective experience from beginning to its too soon ending. “hate u btw” features spirited vocal sound effects emphasizing on sharp word play on the mind bobbling chorus. The track has one of the most impressive sticky soundscapes ever made.

The self directed “hate u btw” music video is a surprising moody treat playing the guitar on seaside dock accurately depleting the sentimental aftermath of a break up. The track is a wild music adventure swimming in his pop rock influences as the track ascends to it’s commanding conclusion. Rence is not only breaking down musical stereotypes, he is also paving the way for more artists out there to break the music rules and stay true to themselves.

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