Bay area based funk soul band James Taugher & The Who Cares recently dropped their latest single titled “Who Care?” with accompanying behind the scenes music video. The track is the first savory taste of sounds and rhythms found on their self titled album due on February 12!

The charismatic San Francisco based band is best known for their lively stage presence inducing body shaking dance moves throughout their live shows. “Who Care?” invites their listeners let the funky rhythms take over your body injecting an explosion confetti of light into your day. Taugher brings his spunky artistic energy to the irresistible track transporting you to a world where you can express yourself in whatever way you choose without judgement. The lyrics emit hopefulness and motivates to letting go everyday struggles and challenges.

The video treatment for this glowing track features an inside look at the recording sessions of the song with skilled video direction from fellow artist/friend Nicholas Braun. The clip shines the spotlight to the too cool swagger oozing vocal delivery from Taugher, to the undeniable positive atmosphere of a group of talented musicians/friends creating art while having the greatest time making it.

Taugher & The Who Cares continue to separate themselves from many soul funk bands out there by their endless ambition to create music that is unique and serve as a feel good escape to the every day worries we deal with on a daily basis.

Check out James Taugher & The Who Cares at their album release live show in San Francisco on February 12! Click here for tickets & more information