Singer-Songwriter/actor Dante Palminteri drops his most affecting single yet with his latest single “Far from Me”. The unusual track spotlights the lavish storytelling abilities Palminteri possesses with aching emotion heavy lyrics about a past lost love and the inner struggle of when to let go. Palminteri captures your attention with his pained vulnerability oozing from his vocal delivery on the track.

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Palminteri about the undeniable influence of living in the East Coast has in his music and the experience of making “Far from Me”.

Palminteri began pursuing his music aspirations in high school. “I got my start in my high school band. We used to practice all the time in my basement and played a lot of shows in the Tri-State area. All that practice led into me going to Berklee College of Music in Boston after I graduated.” Palminteri recalls the growing passion for songwriting he felt while attending Berklee, “Songwriting was aways my favorite aspect of music so I really learned to hone in my lyrical skills there and studied with some amazing professors and students. “

Palminteri has lived on both the west and east coasts. However, it’s the east coast that has influenced his own music; ”I spent most of my time on the West Coast when I was pretty young so it didn’t have as much of an influence on me as the East coast did. My dad is from The Bronx and my mom is from New Jersey so we always had classic rock, Italian opera, and doo-wop playing. “Palminteri clarifies further, “I like to have a subtle vintage feel to my music and I think that upbringing plays a big part in that sound.” “Far From Me” does have enticing an old school quality soaking throughout the track.

The inspiration of the song comes from a place of desperation to spill out your feelings even when you promised yourself to keep it locked away. “Far from Me” was born out of a situation where I was speaking to someone with whom I had a history with. All of the emotions I said I was going to put on a shelf suddenly come out and the boundaries that I set with myself were just aching to be broken.” The song empathizes the uncontrollable urge to a vulnerable confession, “All I wanted to do was say how I really felt but the way things had shaken out in the past made it difficult to come forward and be honest about my feelings. So I wrote a record that shows the mental conversation I had with myself, dying to be truthful but also not wanting to make things more complicated than they all were.”

Palminteri describes the delightfully smooth recording process for the song, “The recording sessions were pretty simple for this. I had the a lot of the production already in a demo so we used that as a base for the main production. Everything was recorded in a few days in a 1 room studio as my and my producer bounced ideas off each other.” Palminteri says his favorite moment of the sessions included a classic guitar, “The best part was recording a Les Paul through a 60s fender reverb which gives the guitar that amazing ethereal sound.”

Music is universally healing and can help listeners and artists a like to deal with life’s highs and lows, for Palminteri the track awakened a renewed inspiration for songwriting, “This was a very important track for me to write therapeutically. I wrote this one in a really gross apartment in Burbank when I wasn’t in the best place mentally. I was in a huge creative slump at the time and like everything I wrote sucked. This was the first song in a minute that I actually felt like I wanted to keep and record. A part from being an emotionally meaningful record me to write, the song was also an important milestone because it got me to enjoy songwriting again and escape the dry spell I had been in.”

“Far From Me” was always intended to become a single, Palminteri realized it as it was being made, “Once I finished the opening riff I knew I wanted to release it as a single. And then when I finished writing the post chorus instrumental riff I definitely wanted to release it. This was an important song for me so putting it on the back burner was never really in my head.”

Palminteri hopes his music gives his listeners a sense of community as he continues to share his sincere universal relatable stories, “I guess if anyone else has ever felt the same as me before, just know that you’re not the only one. I don’t necessarily want people to “take anything away” but my music is more raising a flag to let other people know how I’m feeling and if they feel the same way too, then they can recognize that and it may help contextualize how they feel. That’s why I started playing music in the first place, to have an outlet that allowed me to survive & interpret a whole spectrum of emotions and experiences.”

At the end of our chat, Palminteri promises new music and live shows in the immediate future, “I have a ton of new music coming out in the new year as well as more visuals and live shows. I’m really focused on stepping up my game and working harder then I ever have before as a creator.”

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